The Christmas Secret (Hallmark)

While her life is falling apart, single mom Christine finds a magical family heirloom that leads to love and good fortune during Christmas.


Where do I even start with how emotionally beautiful this entire story was? You are going to fall in love with Christine from the get-go and not just because she is played by the incredible Bethany Joy Lenz… although that does help. Life is unfortunately not on Christine’s side at a time she especially needs it; with a recent divorce coming back to bite, falling behind on rent and losing her job, Christine is in desperate need of a miracle. All good comes to those who wait however, and after the good deed Christine had performed, the magic of her family heirloom is about to bring her everything to make this Christmas perfect for both her and her children. Christine was a very sassy character with a huge heart, always making the most of negative situations. Her priorities laid only with her children and she wasn’t about to let anything or anybody step in the way of that. Jason, our leading man was also an absolute delight, who just so happened to be connected to Christine’s life a lot more than both of them realised and he provided the right amount of sass back at Christine, leaving your heart feeling warm from the chemistry radiating off of the two of them. This whole movie was just every bit the perfect watch, with a beautiful twist at the end which brought me to tears.

Snowed-Inn Christmas (Lifetime)

Jenna and Kevin volunteer for a special assignment at Christmas. After they become stranded by a snowstorm in Santa Claus, Indiana, they are drawn together when they join the fight to save the historic town inn.


I can’t really explain why I’ve not been connecting with Lifetime movies this year, but I think after watching Snowed-Inn Christmas, I may have gotten myself out of that little rut! Another golden movie from the gorgeous Bethany Joy Lenz, we are transported to Santa Claus, Indiana, in which Jenna (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Kevin (Andrew Walker) meet a darling couple who have a rather uncanny resemblance to Santa and Mrs Claus. There’s something about these type of movies that I just can’t get enough of, because the Santa and Mrs Claus lookalikes always seem to be at the right place, at the right time, as everything falls perfectly in to place for the two leading characters. This could be classed as an enemies to lovers romance, as Jenna and Kevin start the movie as rivals, desperate to complete the perfect assignment that was going to help them climb the career ladder. Lucky (or unlucky) for them, they get trapped in a cosy and small little inn that could easily resemble Santa’s Grotto, giving them an opportunity to spend some time together and realise that the other isn’t so bad. The chemistry between Jenna and Kevin was so perfect and they truly started to bond when they delved deep in to their lives, especially when Kevin found out the childhood Jenna had endured. This was a really magical watch, with all of the Christmas aspects in a movie you could possibly ask for and I absolutely plan on re-watching. 

Hometown Christmas (Lifetime)

A woman has big plans to resurrect her town’s live nativity, a beloved tradition that her late mother used to organize. Things become complicated, however, when she realizes she’ll have to work with her former high school sweetheart.


This was a lovely and charming little story of a second chance romance between two childhood sweethearts, based in a small little community, in which the two come back together to maintain a tradition that keeps the memory of a loved one alive. I think it’s safe to say that all One Tree Hill fans can admit that Stephen Colletti is an absolute dream, therefore this is a must-watch solely for that reason as well. I absolutely loved the charming exterior his character, Nick exuded, whilst having some insecurities on the inside where his baseball career was concerned. He was very endearing towards Noelle and supported her throughout her journey to resurrecting the nativity, whether she wanted the help or not. Noelle was a really lovely character also, who had a strong passion to bring joy back to the town after her mother’s passing and carry on the traditions her mother had once contributed. Whilst Nick and Noelle stood as the main couple of the movie, there was also two other charming romances within the story, that Lifetime balanced out perfectly. 

Same Time, Next Christmas (ABC)

Circumstances conspire to keep apart a young woman and her childhood sweetheart, whom she first met during her family’s annual Christmas visit to Hawaii.


Just like Jake Jagielski, Bryan Greenberg’s character of Gregg Harris was short, yet memorable in this beachy Christmas rom-com. Unfortunately for us Jake girls, Bryan is not the leading man in this story, however, there was no way I was going to miss out including him, because I am fully in love with this man, thanks to OTH for introducing me to him. That all being said, he was in a large chunk of the love triangle, giving us enough content to be satisfied. Bryan plays Lea Michele’s (Olivia) partner, during her journey to reunite with her childhood best friend and live happily ever after. He is certainly not as suited to Olivia as we wish him to be, however that is completely out of his hands, as he probably didn’t imagine his love secretly pining for another man (as you can the Bryan defence squad in me has emerged). When he joins Olivia and her family on their Christmas trip to Hawaii, despite the surroundings to be a little out of his comfort zone, he puts his all in to making the most of his holiday, including participating in Christmas themed activities, exploring the island and treating Olivia’s family to the most thought out presents. Overall though, this was honestly such an incredible movie, also starring Charles Michael Davis as the leading man, who I absolutely love as well. Whilst it wasn’t a Christmas movie in the obvious sense, it still held Christmas aspects throughout and allowed us to see what a sunny, festive holiday could look like. Same Time, Next Christmas is one of my favourite Christmas movies that I’ve had the pleasure of watching this year and I will definitely be watching it again before the new year comes around. 

Shelby x


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