Royally Wrapped For Christmas (Great American Christmas) – 

The director of an international charity organization, is called to the Kingdom of Veronia by the royal family where she falls in love with a prince.

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Christmas movies that centre around royalty are my biggest guilty pleasure, I absolutely thrive off of them. Jen Lilley’s character, Lindsay, was the definition of Christmas spirit throughout, giving back to those in need and had a mind filled with ideas that deserved to be put out in to the world. I loved the chemistry between Lindsay and Prince Aiden, especially as they kept meeting under the most awkward of circumstances, however Aiden was a playful Prince and teased Lindsay whenever she felt guilty for something she had done or said, it was very charming to see. All in all, this was a gorgeous romance, with a strong message that we should all do something good this year and every year, to contribute to the magic of Christmas.  

Jingle Bell Princess (Great American Christmas) – 

Through a series of mishaps, sophisticated Princess Amelia is stranded in the small town of Tucker, Maine. There she becomes an “ordinary” guest of the unsuspecting Cutler family.

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Surprise, surprise, I squeezed in another royal Christmas romance! I absolutely love Merritt & Trevor, they are both actors who I always go to back to when new movies of theirs are released, especially the Hallmark ones. This year, the two have come together to create a beautiful story for a new network, Great American Christmas. First of all, these two look insanely good together and honestly, they couldn’t have done any better with the casting, alongside their chemistry being swoon-worthy. I absolutely live for those type of Christmas movies, in which the leading lady meets an elderly gentleman who looks a lot like Santa Claus and throughout the movie, he always seems to be there when everything is falling perfectly in to place – this is one of those movies and he couldn’t have done a better job of it. This was a beautifully curated movie, with all of the cosy Christmas vibes.

Gingerbread Miracle (Hallmark) –

A man and an old high school friend try to sell his uncle’s business — a Mexican bakery that’s famous for magical gingerbread cookies that grant wishes.

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Another Merritt movie to add to the everlasting list of Christmas movies you must watch this year! Gingerbread Miracle is a wholesome movie filled with all of your typical Christmas traditions, mixed in with some Mexican traditions also. I really loved the aspect of gingerbread cookies granting wishes – it was a real magical twist to put on such a lovely story. I loved the chemistry between Maya and Alex so much, especially with the knowledge that previously Maya had a crush on Alex and hadn’t believed Alex ever reciprocated the feelings. This time round, Maya was oblivious to the fact that Alex’s feelings were absolutely there and was swept away by the charm of another man. I found it so hilarious with the way Alex acted, he was a very stubborn man towards selling his Uncle’s business, but his jealousy towards Maya receiving attention from anyone but him was adorable. 

Next Stop, Christmas (Hallmark) –

Angie is determined to spend Christmas alone but her usual commuter ride turns into a Christmas train that drops her off in her home town in 2011.

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Hallmark are seriously knocking it out of the park this year and have really stepped out of their comfort zones/expanded on plot-lines. While there is some work still to be done, it’s still impressive. Next Stop, Christmas is definitely high up there as a must-watch, especially if you love Back to the Future, as we was treated to a small reunion amongst two cast members. Not only is a reunion such a treat to fans of the trilogy, ironically the movie is based on time travel, making it all the more intriguing and exciting. Well done, Hallmark. You knew exactly what you were doing! There was a lot woven in to this story between all of the characters and not just our two main characters, including an impending divorce and fertility troubles. Each story-line was curated carefully and realistically, allowing viewers to really connect and invest in what was going to come of it all in the end. I wouldn’t want to call it a love triangle as such, but the biggest decision of the movie between Angie, Ben and Tyler was so healthily thought out, it only brought me joy and not disappointment. I really loved travelling back in time with Angie, watching her try to figure out what it all meant and getting to see the happy ending she never even knew she needed or wanted fall right in to place. This was a really fun and enjoyable watch with a strong cast and a fascinating story-line. An absolute top favourite of this year. 

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