I was so luckily introduced to Imogen and her YT channel ‘Imogenation’ in 2018, after coming across one of her story-times. I was immediately fascinated and in awe of her that I am now well and truly a hun! If you have somehow been living in a hole and have never heard of Imogen – her YouTube channel focuses on hauls, tutorials, story-times, vlogs, etc. and can’t recommend her enough. She has the absolute heart of an angel, she continues to make me want to better myself, she’s the most caring and loving person I’ve ever seen on YouTube and she’s hilarious!

When Imogen announced that she was collaborating with Makeup Revolution on an eyeshadow and highlight palette, I was straight on Beauty Bay on the day of it’s release (so I’m sorry that this is coming to you very late, however I have a very good reason for it!). The palettes are so affordable at just £10.00 each and the quality is insane – it is so pigmented that you could say goodbye to all of those high-end brands. Imogen’s got you!

The packaging for both palettes pretty much sum up Imogen and are the prettiest packaging that Revolution have ever done. The top part a gorgeous lilac iridescent and the bottom a gorgeous shade of pink. Not only is the packaging the absolutely prettiest – both palettes have a mirror! As Imogen says, “your baby girl has come through!” and seriously, she has! Both palettes are also very light-weight, meaning they are the perfect choices for when you’re travelling.

Imogenation Eye-Shadow Palette – First Impressions

Imogen’s eye-shadow palette is really diverse with twenty colours, ranging from neutrals, warm, mattes and metallic. The ones I find myself leaning towards the most are ‘Forever Friend’ which is a stunning metallic pink and ‘Okkkkk’ which is a simple brown oak matte. I used to love wearing a brown shade on my eyes and I’m finding myself falling back in to my old make-up ways, but I can’t complain because I loved it! Thanks to this shade and this palette, I’m loving it all over again.

All the shades are, like I said, insanely pigmented, easy to blend and for all types of skin tones. They are very complimentary shades, allowing your eyes to really pop. Although this palette can be used all year round, I do look at it like the perfect Autumn palette – wouldn’t you agree? The oranges, reds and browns in this palette will hands down, 100%, be my go-to’s this Autumn. Can we also just talk about the names for each eye-shadows please? I love how they’ve really embraced her personality and made it very personal.

Imogenation Highlight to the Moon Palette – First Impressions

With the palette’s name being ‘Highlight to the Moon’, I got the impression that this was only going to contain highlighters, however much to my surprise – Imogen has also included a nice amount of contour/bronzing shades in there too. This Princess is always coming through for her huns!

The palette includes six contouring, bronzing and setting shades, plus four highlighter shades. The shades are varied for all different type of skin tones, once again making this a diverse palette.

The contour/bronze shade that I go to the most is ‘Warrior’ and I actually go to two of the highlights, sort of bouncing back between one another and those are, ‘Limited Edition’ and ‘Angel Face’.

The pigmentation of the shades were on point, allowing my cheek bones to sparkle on a night out. I haven’t worn the highlight’s through the day time yet, but I bet my face will be GLOWING. You do sometimes have to put quite a lot of powder on your face for it to really apply, but that’s okay, for £10.00 you’ve got an absolute bargain!

Going back to me apologising earlier on in the post about posting this review super later, baring in mind the palettes came out in August – however, I have a very good reason for it and that is, I met Imogen last year at Summer in the City! She’s just as incredible and lovely in person as she is on screen by the way and I took my palettes with me for her to sign (which she kept hugging me for omg she’s the cutest) and ever since then, I’m sorry if this is really silly, but I’ve just not wanted to use the palettes! Not because I didn’t want to try the shades, but because I just wanted to keep it in pristine condition – I’m sorry, I probably sound like a such a weirdo haha.

Anyway, I finally used them in January and as you can tell from my review above – I absolutely love them! They are now my go-to palettes for eye-shadow and highlights. I can’t wait to now start reviewing products from Imogen’s very own brand ‘Honey Cosmetics’. Stay tuned!

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