I can’t say I stepped out of my comfort zone much in 2019, but I did do a lot more than I would usually e.g. weekends away, nights out with new people, etc. Heck, I went to New York! A whole other country! Now that was most certainly stepping out of my comfort zone. 


The exercise in 2019 was definitely a lot more than previous years and I am slowly losing the weight, however, it’s still not up to the standard I want and have now written up a set exercise plan for myself to do on an evening, whilst catching up on my TV shows. My tip for getting your steps in is to just jog on the spot throughout a full episode of one of your TV shows – absolute lifesaver!


My healthy eating was extremely on and off throughout 2019 – I could go weeks eating healthy, with no snacking, however, I had a major downfall when a friend and my Granddad passed away in the space of a month. I had no motivation whatsoever for a good few weeks, maybe a month, but eventually I managed to get out of the phase and slowly but surely started picking myself back up! Now I’m back on track and feeling very healthy! Although I’m still not about to turn down a Chinese…


I definitely haven’t learned to cook, as in by myself, however, I have cooked alongside my mum with many Sunday dinners!


I genuinely thought I was going to fail achieving this goal, until I suddenly cracked around September/October time and my gosh, I just had no filter on my mouth! I didn’t stress about anything, but my attitude got a little negative and bitter for a while, due to finally being fed up of being stressed and being treated the way I was, causing the majority of my stress. I most certainly stress less now, but I sure do need to learn to keep my attitude in check and not say exactly everything out loud or it could become dangerous haha!


My organisation skills have most definitely improved throughout 2019, including multiple spreadsheets, although I will say there is still a lot of room for improvements! This time round, I have my trusty FRIENDS 2020 DIARY to keep me in check this year!


In 2019, I definitely chucked away the mindset of cancelling plans with people because I couldn’t be bothered to go and/or made ridiculous excuses to get out of them. If I have learnt anything in 2019, it has been to not make effort with those who don’t make effort with you, but I will be publishing a post on this in more detail soon, so look out for that! All my friends that have made an effort with me, as much as I’ve made an effort with them, I have had nothing but time for them and have taken every spare moment I have to arrange plans, whilst also making sure I have time for myself as well. 


If there was any goal I thought I wasn’t going to achieve this year, it was most certainly this one. Guess what? I actually have started my driving lessons, eek! I started my lessons at the beginning of November and I had never been more ready than I was at that point and I think that’s what I needed to focus on the most. I couldn’t do it until I knew I was ready. I absolutely love driving and can’t wait to officially be on the road – which will fingers crossed be this year!


Unfortunately, I didn’t even attempt taking my theory test, due to trying to build my confidence up with the actual driving side of it all and will focus on this in 2020. 


I didn’t travel as much as I was hoping for this year, however I, of course, went to New York!! And I think that pretty much hits this goal immediately. I never thought I could ever pluck up the courage to travel so far from home, yet all that time in NY, I felt like that was my home… crazy, right? I had a few weekend breaks throughout the year, but already, I have more weekend breaks planned in 2020 and it’s only just begun! 


I tooted my own horn in my ‘Life Goals for 2019’ post about how I’m so good at saving money, so that’s why I’m opening a savings account, but ha! I’ve overestimated myself there… I can say though that yes, I have opened a savings account!! And yes, there is money on there!! I haven’t saved half as much as I had thought, but this goal is about just opening a savings account and did I do that? Heck yeah I did!


Heck yeah, I completed my Goodreads challenge! Being the bookworm that I am, it would have been extremely disappointed in myself for neglecting the one thing I love more than anything. Not only did I complete my challenge of reading 60 books – I always read 25 more, totalling up to 85 books in 2019!


In last year’s post, I spoke about how I was always thriving to be a people-pleaser and that led to many taking advantage of me, mainly regarding ‘owing me money back’. There was a moment in 2019 where someone really did treat me in a way I had never expected and it caused a major fallout (now resolved), but that showed me just how much I needed to stand on my own two feet and not let people walk all over me. Will I one day stop being a people-pleaser? Definitely not, because that’s not how my heart works, I’m too soft for that. However, I know how to play it to MY advantage now and I seem to be doing a lot better at saying no. 


I think this is a goal that needs to be achieved far longer than within a year, if ever, but this year has definitely been one for experimenting and figuring out the person I want to be, the way I want to look, etc. and like I said, I’m far from loving myself but this year has helped me to know what steps I need to take, in order to get a little closer to it. 

Did you achieve your 2019 life goals? 

What am I wearing?

Beige Ruched Blazer – Boohoo

‘Girls are the Future’ tee – InTheStyle (currently unavailable)

Beige Checked Paper Bag Skirt – River Island

Black Ankle Boots – Primark

Shelby x



  1. January 10, 2020 / 6:47 pm

    I love this. You really should focus on the major achievements you did make, and carrying goals forward in to a new year just shows how dedicated you are to them.

    Well done for a great year x

    • breakfastatshelbys
      January 13, 2020 / 9:43 am

      Aw thank you!
      That’s great advice, I’m so proud of the achievements I did make and will bring the other’s along with me in 2020! x

  2. January 13, 2020 / 2:31 pm

    Jogging on the spot whilst watching your favourite TV show is genius! I’ve been watching Netflix episodes while I’m on the treadmill at the gym and it genuinely does make the time go faster if you don’t really enjoy exercising. Cooking alongside your mom will definitely help, that’s how I learnt! 85 books in a year is amazing, you should be so proud of yourself. You should definitely be happy with what you’ve achieved, especially considering you set so many goals for yourself!

    Alice xx

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