British actor Zac Edwards is the latest heartthrob to hit the red carpets. Hot, talented and rich, he sends women wild…all except one.

Close protection officer Kat Parker hasn’t got time to play celebrity games.  She has one job: to protect Zac from the stalker that seems to be dogging his every move.

Zac might get her hot under her very starched collar, but Kat’s a professional – and sleeping with Zac is no way part of her remit…

Up Close and Personal is far from your typical romance, with reversed roles and deep, dark secrets just waiting to be revealed. Zac Edwards is your average movie star, with bunches of female fans and a successful career – however, when a fan becomes a little too close to home and starts to stalk Zac’s every movement, precautions are needed to secure his safety. 

Kat, an ex-army bodyguard, is most definitely not your average woman. Her story is fascinating and admirable to say the least, however the strong exterior she presents to the world doesn’t shy from the heartache and secrets she holds deep within her. Her troubles with attachment are in for a rough ride when she becomes bodyguard to the extremely handsome actor and it’s safe to say the attraction between one another begun right from the get-go, there was absolutely no avoiding the sparks igniting between these two. 

This story is all types of dangerous, sexy and mysterious. The secrets both Zac and Kat hold will have you on the edge of your seat, wanting more, until you’ve reached the final page with the blink of an eye. I absolutely loved that the roles were reversed and that this was far from the usual bodyguard trope. Kat was the bad-ass bodyguard, capable of dealing with anything and everything, with vulnerabilities underneath her hard shell. Zac, the famous actor, had many feelings of frustration towards not being able to keep himself safe, although this was nothing to do with gender, but with the insecurities he has carried with him since he was just a young boy. 

This gripping story will hold you from start to finish, until you have finished it within the space of one day. This is my first book of Kathryn’s and most certainly not my last. Whilst this book was a five-star read for myself, the added little mention of my favourite actor, Dylan O’Brien, takes this read to a whopping ten-star read, if this was ever to become a thing. I would highly recommend you to pick up this book, as it is one that can not be missed!

Shelby x


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