Juliet, mother of Olivia and Grandmother of Caitlin, has a strained relationship with her daughter and after a bad fall, the two are given the opportunity to make amends. Not only is she making an effort to fix her and her daughter’s relationship, but she is also trying extremely hard to fight one off with her handsome neighbour, Henry. Being a stubborn woman like Juliet, there’s no way that she’s getting through this without hurting herself and the people around her, despite the reasons behind it.

Olivia has had quite a strained relationship with her mother, Juliet, ever since her late sister went off the rails, causing her mother to focus all of her attention on her and the baby she was soon to bring home, so when she returns to Cape Sanctuary as her mothers main carer, the two are forced to work out their issues. Her father passed away at a young age and she’s about to find out that there happen to be a lot of secrets within that tragic night. To put more drama in to the works, Cooper Vance, Olivia’s long time crush has returned home permanently and she doesn’t know whether to finally open up her heart to him, or keep their friendship civil, so the return to Seattle isn’t as heartbreaking as she believes it could be.

Caitlin is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Natalie, Juliet’s late daughter, Olivia’s late sister and is determined to find out who her father is. On top of that, she is desperate to take care of her Grandmother and refuses to acknowledge her Aunties presence, after finding multiple diaries from her childhood, filled with hatred towards Natalie and herself.

I absolutely adored all three women, each of them having fascinating stories to tell. I really loved following Caitlin’s journey to finding her father and was so pleased with the end results. Julie and Henry’s love story was emotional and a rocky roller-coaster to say the least, however, it was all worth it in the end and my heart fluttered from them constantly. Olivia’s story of growth and finding herself was inspiring and I’m so glad she managed to find herself back home, despite the constant need to stay away. It was the medicine she needed after all and she hadn’t even known it. 

Another stunning book from RaeAnne. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next, whilst catching up on her many, many previous books!

Shelby x


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