Run away to the Dorset countryside, to the sleepy village of Honeymoon, where rose-adorned thatched cottages soak up the sunlight and Emma is risking everything for a brave new start on life and love…

When Emma’s useless fiancé tells her a lie she cannot forgive, she decides enough is enough. She leaves him, quits her dead-end job and travels hundreds of miles away to the ancient village of Honeymoon in the Dorset countryside, to help her friend Tia turn the old train station into a boutique hotel.

Tia has told Emma that it will be a project, but when Emma arrives in Honeymoon and sees a weed-choked crumbling ruin, her vision of an idyllic life in Dorset begins to disintegrate. But when she meets twinkly-eyed builder Aiden in the village shop, and sparks fly between them, she can’t help but feel that the stars have for once aligned.

As work begins on the hotel, Emma and Aiden grow closer, and on sun-dappled evening walks, he tells her the secrets of the village. But there are some villagers who wish that Emma had never arrived in Honeymoon… And when Emma is involved in a terrible accident on site, and then discovers what Aiden has been keeping from her, it feels like the universe is telling her to leave Honeymoon for good. What if she was wrong to say goodbye to all that was safe and familiar? Will she ever be able to find her happy-ever-after in Honeymoon?


I swear, Tilly is just wonder-woman at this point! She is treating us to gorgeous stories, left, right and centre, with the most stunning of covers. The Hotel at Honeymoon Station is a story of dreaming big and allowing those “what if?” thoughts to become a reality – Emma is completely stuck in a rut, with a dead-end job, a low-life boyfriend who brings nothing to the table and has very little belief in herself and her potential. Fortunately for Emma, she is reunited with an unexpected childhood acquaintance, who is about to turn her life upside down… for better or worse, however, is the question hanging so heavily above Emma’s head.

The idea of turning an old train station in to a cosy little hotel is honestly, the cutest little thing I’ve ever heard of and although Emma and Tia had a daunting task ahead of them, it was all about to be worth it in the end. I really did love the character of Emma, I see a lot of myself in her. The opposite of Tia, Emma always had the worst possible outcomes of their investment flitting through their minds, never able to fully settle and embrace the excitement of their new venture. I did find myself sometimes getting frustrated at how carefree Tia was around the project, disappearing too much and making decisions without Emma’s authorisation as well – it seemed the two women were in completely different headspaces, as to how they were approaching this. However, that being said, I did also want to tell Emma to snap out of her mind full of doubts and just enjoy the new changes and friends surrounding her.

The side characters – whilst not all friendly to start off with – were the most adorable set of people and brought a lot of life to a small town. I fell completely in love with Aiden and his brother, who were great additions to the girls lives, although I wish we had got just a little more from Aiden and Emma. I really enjoyed Aiden’s little stories and the adventures he took Emma on – it felt like I was there on the adventures alongside them and everything was just so picture-esque and beautiful.

This is a story of friendship, new beginnings and making dreams come true. Tilly created a beautiful town amongst Honeymoon, which was a great escapism and a perfect read for the current Summery (ish) weather. 

Shelby x


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