*Thank you Audrey for my copy of The Hauntings of Hattie Hastings*

A terrible tragedy leaves Hattie Hastings widowed and heartbroken.
But her late husband isn’t about to take his demise lying down.

Torn between delight and frustration, Hattie struggles to convince friends and family of her ghostly predicament.
Then there’s also the small matter of best friend Cat’s ex-husband trying to worm his way back into her life. And Hattie’s mum is battling her own demons …


This is the first book of Audrey’s that I’ve read and I can confidently say, it most certainly won’t be my last. Hattie Hastings is such a wonderful and loveable character, that had a whole lot of love to give to her husband, making the tragedy that occurs in the beginning so devastating, despite the fact I had only just met them. That is how quickly you are to become attached to these gorgeously written characters. Not to fear though, as Hattie’s husband, Gary, is not going anywhere, and his ethereal self is here to stay, at least for a while and Hattie finds herself ready to be checked in to a mental institution.

I absolutely adored the story-line between Hattie and Gary, as they both tried to come to terms with his return and what this all meant – did Gary have some unfinished business to attend to? Or was he here to help a loved one before he could move on completely? I loved the humour, wit and sarcasm that bounced back and fourth between one another throughout the story. It was an easy distraction from realising that Gary would never have a helping hand in guiding his son towards the right direction of life, never being able to grow old with Hattie, never seeing his parent’s again, who were heartrendingly distraught – which is understandable, as no parent wants to outlive their children. 

There were quite a lot of different POV’s throughout the book, making every turn of a page exciting and something to look forward to. Hattie’s mother is keeping a very big secret from her family and the man she loves. Hattie’s best friend – Cat – is moving on from her egotistical ex-husband and dealing with Gary, the now extremely intrusive ghost. Hattie’s son is trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. There was just so much to keep you entertained! 

The story-line I have to say I loved the most was definitely the one between Gary and the little boy. It had me tearing up every now and again, but it was so beautiful and special. Hattie is just an absolute treasure to support the way she did and I’m so glad that everybody got the closure they needed in the end. Including Hattie and the real reason Gary had returned. The vision Audrey had created of the Afterlife was really impressive and was a nice break from the drama going on back on land. 

The Haunting of Hattie Hasting’s was a fantastic read and was as British as a book could get. I laughed at all the jokes, I smiled at all of the references, I cried during the emotional times, and most importantly, I fell in love with a great set of characters, including the eccentric ghosts Gary befriends, and I will definitely be revisiting them in Audrey’s book, ‘When Hattie Met Gary‘. I’m super intrigued to see where their romance first began!

Shelby x


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