*Thank you to Cressida McLaughlin, Netgalley and HarperCollins for my copy of this book*

Baking fanatic, Charlie Quilter, is surprised when her late uncle bequeaths his vintage bus to her in his will. Keen to give the bus a new lease of life, Charlie thinks it will be the perfect mobile café for afternoon tea, and when her friend, Juliette, suggests Charlie comes to stay with her in the picturesque Cornish village of Porthgolow, she’s thrilled at the chance of a new start.
Charlie and her cute dog, Marmite, make new friends wherever their bus stops – except for the sexy but reclusive owner of the posh spa up on the hill, Daniel Harper, who isn’t very pleased that her bus is parked outside his lovely hotel.
Has Charlie’s Cornish dream developed a soggy bottom? Or can she convince Daniel that her bus could be the start of something wonderful for the little village – and for them?


Cornish cream tea, Cornwall, romance… oh my! I couldn’t possibly have needed anything more to make this book the perfect read that it already was. The Cornish Cream Tea Bus was originally released as a 4-part serialised e-novel, leaving you with a little cliffhanger each time until the next part’s release, however, I was greedy and wanted to divulge the whole story in one. When Netgalley released the full novel, I immediately jumped at the chance and loved every second! 

Charlie was a great main character and I really enjoyed getting to know her. She was determined to make her dreams happen and was willing to put up a fight, no matter who got in the way. She was extremely passionate towards her Cornish Cream Tea Bus and the adventures they were to have together, including the festival she held every Saturday. It was an inspiring journey and after much grief, I was pleased to see her finally find her place in the world and surround herself with supportive and caring friends. 

Whilst the locals were split half and half between whether they trusted Charlie’s intentions or not, her shining personality soon won them over and they become incredibly supportive of the career path she had created for herself. Despite the unwelcome greeting she got from the locals to start with, she didn’t let this throw her off and never hesitated when they were in need of support. It was impossible to not warm to Charlie and I couldn’t help but admire the new family she had found for herself. They all really were absolute sweethearts. I especially loved the mystery of Reenie, the town’s ‘mermaid‘. She was very reserved and abrupt to say the least, however, there was a story behind all of it and it was a wonderful one at that. 

Now, shall we get on with the romance? Whilst there is a little love triangle involved in Charlie’s life, the main guy and the most important one to focus on throughout the book, is Daniel. Daniel has recently moved back to the small town in Cornwall to set up his fancy spa, Crystal Waters, and personally, I thought he was a darling from the get-go, however, Charlie only wanted to see the worst in him, leading to a ridiculous amount of misunderstandings and it was very stressful! 

The end outcome for this book was definitely the ending Charlie deserved and I can’t wait to meet her cousin, Delilah, in the next novel! A charming, light read with the most delicious Cornish treats, a friendly neighbourhood and an enemies to lovers-esque romance that will make you swoon. 

Shelby x


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