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Jemima Dewberry wears her heart on her sleeve. Her weakness for bad boys, coupled with her track record for making bad decisions has led to endless heartbreak. The only trouble is, she can’t seem to kick the habit.

On top of that, her “dream” job at Yorkshire Portions magazine hasn’t turned out to be what she’d hoped, and she seems to have developed the knack of annoying her boss without even trying. It doesn’t help that the new girl seems to have taken an instant dislike to her. All that’s keeping her there are her best friends Anna-Lisa and Aidey, who have picked up the pieces of her shattered heart more times than they care to remember.

When Jemima’s latest boyfriend turns out to be no better than the rest, the hurt and humiliation is almost unbearable. She declares she’s finally through with love, and swears off men for life. But when charismatic Caspar De Verre walks into the office with his dangerous good looks and mesmerising smile, she’s utterly captivated, and her promises to Anna-Lisa and Aidey not to let her heart rule her head are soon forgotten.

But is Caspar all he seems? Anna-Lisa and Aidey have their doubts. And Herbert, the happy-go-lucky black Labrador Jemima’s looking after, doesn’t seem to like him either.

As Jemima falls for Caspar’s charms she finds herself being forced to confront the struggle between her head and her heart. But which one will prove the most powerful?

And will Jemima get the happy-ever-after she so desperately craves?

This is the first book in Eliza’s Heartshaped series and the first book of Eliza’s that I have the pleasure in reading. Jemima Dewberry isn’t have the easiest of lives – her boss is determined to make her life a living hell, her boyfriend cheated on her with another girl and said girl is now working alongside Jemima. Jemima needs something good to happen in her life and she needs it now. Enter, the handsome, charming and wealthy, Caspar De Verre. When a man as good looking as Caspar dares to show interest, you just can’t refuse the offer!

Mim’s is such a relatable character and it is very easy to find yourself within her, whether that be your past-self or your present-self. You can’t blame her for wanting a bit of fun with the new handsome guy – it’s the type of positivity she needs in her life right now and a great distraction from all of the horrible that has surrounded her life. However, Caspar isn’t only a distraction for Mim, he is a possible future companion and although it seems Caspar feels the same, there are way too many red signs to believe that Mim isn’t about to get her heart broken once more. To be fair, he was in my bad books as soon as he convinced Mim to lock poor Herbert away in his own home when Caspar was around!

I really adored Mims’ friends, Anna-Lisa and Aidey. Whilst they were both hesitant on her new relationship status, they both knew that it was only right for Mims to discover Caspar’s true colours for herself. That being said, I really did enjoy Anna-Lisa’s brutal honesty, but found myself very stressed also, when Mims refused to listen to any of her best friend’s doubts. I also felt like a best friend to Mims throughout this story, wanting to shake her now and again for being so oblivious to what was going on around her, but luckily karma comes back to bite those who deserve it. 

The scenes going on in Mims’ workplace were just absolutely disgusting. I’m yet to come across a genuinely lovely boss myself, but the one’s in this story absolutely take the cake. They make every other boss look like a saint! I could not have dealt with it the way Mims and her friends did, so I applaud them for sticking it out so long. I would have been a blubbering mess on my first day!

Anyhow, horrible characters do not deserved to be spoken about so much, so let’s move on to the side characters in Mims life that made this book sparkle even more than it already was. They all played wonderful parts in Mims’ life and they had me giggling plenty when it came to teasing one particular lady over the Priest’s wife. It made for some light-hearted laughter and was a good distraction to certain situations Mims’ was yet to face. 

Remember, be careful who you trust, because they won’t always have your best interests at heart and to also pay more attention to the people closest to you. Your one could be right there without you even knowing it. A fantastic read from Eliza, that I would recommend everybody to pick up right now because it is publication day! I hope you all enjoy Mims’ story as much as I did.

Shelby x

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