Aspiring fashion designer, Samantha Fremont, has put her love life on hold to focus on herself. She certainly doesn’t need a complication, like her new neighbour, turning out to be a sexy, brooding English Professor. He might be dreamy but he’s also rude. But keeping her distance proves difficult when his two children wind themselves into Sam’s heart. Combined with a litter of cute puppies Sam might just have found what she was looking for…

Ian is actually Lord Ian Summerhill, grateful for the chance to spend the summer away from his responsibilities in England, studying the unique habitat around Lake Haven. When Ian meets Sam he is determined to keep a distance but soon he is drawn to her charm and the fact that his children adore her. But he is only in Lake Haven for the summer, then he must return to England. But sometimes one summer can change everything…

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Summer at Lake Haven by RaeAnne Thayne in 2020 | Raeanne  thayne, Lake, Book review

It’s safe to say that I am completely and utterly obsessed/in love with RaeAnne Thayne’s books, so I only have good things to say about Summer at Lake Haven.

Sam was such a gorgeous character to read about – she hasn’t had an easy upbringing, but that doesn’t stop her from being the most wonderful, charming woman you’ll ever meet. Her days are mostly spent designing wedding dresses and working her late mother’s boutique shop as the new owner, therefore, not having much time for anything else, especially love. She is surrounding by the most lovely group of friends who it’s clear to see, absolutely adore her and I can’t wait to read their stories as well, as I can just never get enough of the characters RaeAnne creates. Of course, life was already becoming quite hectic for Sam, with so much to think about when it came to her life, so why not move a devilishly handsome Oxford Professor in next door to her? Sam was, as clear as day, attracted to Ian from the very first moment she laid eyes on him, vice versa for him too. The connection between them was undeniable and you could tell it was most definitely not just going to be a Summer romance. I adored the chemistry Sam also had with Ian’s children, Amelia and Thomas – the delightful moments with the children keeping Sam’s new puppies company were so sweet and showed just how much of a connection she held with this family already, she instantly trusted them. They were all just absolutely meant to meet and use their second chances to become a family. A family that could heal together and make new memories, whilst cherishing the one’s they all had before coming together.

However, there was one major obstruction in between their lives to overcome and it was turning out to be an even bigger challenge than the two imagined, leaving them with little to no doubt about their blossoming relationship and family ever becoming more. With stories like Sam and Ian’s, it really was hard to see how they could combine their lives and make it work long-term, but we should always leave it to RaeAnne to create the happy endings – without a doubt, she never fails. The finalisation of this book was absolutely perfect, I adored everything about Sam and Ian’s new lives together. They managed to put every doubt and insecurity they had together and make something wonderful out of it. I can’t wait to read more stories after this one in the Haven Point series, in hope of a little update on this loved up couple! 

This was a gorgeous, romantic read with every enchanting, magical moment you could possibly ask for and want. This book is one of many in a series, although I would not at all let that put you off, I have many of the previous books still to read myself and all I feel is excitement towards getting to read about the characters I might have met through this one, in much more depth! Get ready to fall in love with the characters of Haven Point, because they are the most loveable bunch you could have the pleasure in meeting. 

Shelby x




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