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Licking her wounds from her divorce, Stella impulsively buys a gift shop and two holiday lets in glorious Swallowtail Bay, hoping for a fresh start with her King Charles Spaniel Frank.

When the neighbours meet her with a warm welcome, Stella knows she’s found the new home she was looking for. Even gorgeous but grumpy local Miles can’t take the shine off things. But then her ex-husband announces he’s getting married again, and someone in the village starts gossiping about Stella…

Is Stella’s dream over already? Or, with her new friends behind her, can Stella fight back and save her new life – and find the happy ever after she’s been waiting for?


I have to say, this is one-hundred-per-cent, my favourite book of Katie’s so far! I was so excited to meet Stella and the many people who were about to change her life.

Taking a step forward from her broken down marriage, Stella opens up her own shop, alongside holidays lets in the small town of Swallowtail Bay and with such a close-knit community surrounding her, there was some complications and unwelcoming locals to begin with, however, with the help of the more friendly locals, Stella was immediately welcomed to the town and her shop was slowly but surely beginning to thrive. Stella was a great character to read about, only having everyone’s best interests at heart and always determined to please. She is a friend through and through to the lovely Lexi and has a little thing for the gorgeous Miles, despite the messy first meeting they both had. It was satisfying to watch Stella’s life blossom in to a life that she was proud of, however that being said, nothing is ever perfect and there will always be bumps in the road and Stella dealt with them in the best of ways and was very inspiring for that.

Not only do we get to follow the life of Stella, but we also get an in-depth look in to the life of single mum, Lexi. She was such a wonderful character to read about and it’s impossible to not only wish that she gets the happy ending she truly deserves. Like Stella, Lexi is always there to lend a helping hand and was an inspiration for balancing what she did, whilst also having to parent her two little rascals. Stella and Lexi was definitely meant to meet and they are a friendship I only could dream of having.

Despite the grumpy attitude, I loved Miles from the get-go. You immediately know he has a heart of gold and the only reason that was becoming a heart of stone, is because of his terrible fiance, who always had an agenda and never thought about anything or anyone, unless it benefited her. Being around a person so awful, is sure to rub off on you and cause a lot of stress. Luckily Miles eyes opened to it eventually, because I didn’t know how much more of her vile personality I could take! He always thought of everybody before himself, like Stella and his life story had been twisted by another vile human amongst the town, making everybody believe he was a miserable, judgemental lump who was never happy. That was far from the truth and I’m glad he got the opportunity to allow his true self to shine.

I am so excited to read the second book to this series and if it is as incredible as this one, it’s going to be another read that I’ll not want to put down. I would highly recommend this cute, cosy, light-hearted read and all of Katie’s previous books, as she is an author you aren’t going to want to miss out on!

Shelby x


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