Thank you to Rebecca Raisin, HQ Digital and Netgalley for my free copy of ‘Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop’ to review.

Rosie Lewis is a Michelin-Starred Chef living in the city of London, with her loving husband and future children, scheduled and set to arrive, January 2021. Her life plans begin to crumble when her husband announces (on her birthday!!) that he has had an affair and will be leaving their home immediately.

The reason for her husband leaving all comes down to the fact that Rosie is too organised, scheduling everything right down to when the two can have sex. Callum can no longer live a scheduled life and believes Rosie needs to find someone who can ignite a fire inside of her and take her away from her shell. Unfortunately, he is not the man to do so.

A heart-broken and devastated Rosie drowns her sorrows in more glasses of wine than she remembers, and soon enough she’s greeted to a bright pink camper-van outside of her home. Yes… she did pay for this van, no matter how much she can’t remember doing so.

Rosie take’s the camper-van (aka Poppy) as an opportunity to explore the world and step out of her comfort zone, to prove that she is able to live an un-organised and un-scheduled life. Could this be everything Rosie needed, or is she just not set out for a life full of risks and unexpectedness.

If you’re a confident being and would love to travel the world, then look no further, as Rosie is about to give you all the inspiration you need. I wish I had the confidence to up and travel the world!

Rosie is such an admirable character from start to finish – her work ethic, although it consumed her, was inspiring nonetheless, as she was incredibly passionate about it and was in a job that she loved. Until she met good old Poppy…

Soon enough she lives the life that she was meant to be living all along, meeting some wonderful characters along the way, supporting one another with their businesses and experiencing the world together. Her bond with travelling bookshop owner, Aria, was such a delight to read about, as Rosie came in to Aria’s life just when she was about to give up on her travels. With Rosie’s tea-shop and Aria’s bookshop, the two come together to create something magical, something that everyone will fall in love with. Rosie and Aria’s friendship was an unexpected surprise, with the two being complete opposites of each other, however, they made it work and helped each other grow.

It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to go on these exciting adventures with Rosie and Aria, learning a little bit more about them along the way as well. My appetite in delicious deserts and romance novels certainly made me gain an even stronger taste to the story Rebecca had created, whilst also teaching me the life lesson, that change isn’t always a bad thing and sometime’s change is what we need to get us out of our comfort zones and in to a world that is much more suited to us, even if we didn’t know it before.

The romantic connection between Rosie and Max was definitely one to keep you on your toes. They are both incredibly stubborn people and are unable to express their feelings for one another, in fear of screwing up, and there’s also the hint of a possible love triangle. Max and Rosie begin their journey being again, quite opposites of one another, not really understanding each other and their ways of life – especially when it come’s to food. However, the more they get to know one another, the more they realise that they are pretty much the male and female versions of each other and that all doubts they had before was just from silly rumours. The way Rebecca Raisin tied the love triangle up by the end was definitely an unexpected twist and turn of events, but was also great closure for Rosie and us readers.

I really did enjoy and fall in love with the story of Rosie Lewis, and I advise you all to go and do the same. It’s the perfect cosy read, that also explores a deeper problem regarding how we connect with people on social media and the safety around it. Plus, if I haven’t sold you yet… Can I just say that Max is the absolute look-a-like of Jason Mamoa!

Shelby x



    • breakfastatshelbys
      May 9, 2019 / 11:04 am

      It is the cutest! The pink camper van had me laughing too – imagine being that drunk to purchase any actual van! I can’t imagine it haha x

  1. May 10, 2019 / 4:20 pm

    I need a pink campervan in my life!! Sounds like a hoot to read

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