Without even trying, Sophia becomes the number one expert of online dating – solely to the lack of luck she has had with men on every site you can possibly think of. At this point, she knows the right pictures to use and the right biography to get attention. However, after many tragic dates, her best friend convinces her to switch up the routine she grew so fond of – starting off with the bio. Sophia has given up once and for all on finding love over the internet, and takes the opportunity of signing up for a brand new dating site, to play a little game with the men, describing her most perfect man – knowing he is never going to come forward.

1. He must look like Robert Pattison.

2. He must be filthy rich.

3. He must travel for work.

4. He must have a rescue cat.

5. He must have her very specific measurements for what is hiding in his pants.

So, when Mr Perfect aka Daniel, ends up ticking every single box of being everything she ever wants in a man, Sophia takes the opportunity to live a glam life with her very own Robert Pattison. Sophia has finally found her ‘perfect match’, so why is her best friend so against their relationship? And is Daniel really the person he says he is?

‘Perfect Match’ is a light-hearted and relatable story for all of us singletons trying to find love in every way possible. It’s the perfect social commentary of how modern-day dating truly is, which is basically a complete disaster! It isn’t your typical cliche girl-meets-boy smooth sailing journey – oh no, it is such a rollercoaster including; the classic dating move of ghosting, dick pics, multiple awkward dates, the life of the rich, and so much more! However, as much as the book is an up, down, all around roller-coaster, it also includes lots of love with friends and family. We get an insight look of how the rich treat the poor and how big of a difference there is within class – making you think, is being rich really worth it?

Sophia was such a refreshing character to read about and I found so much of myself in her. It honestly felt like I was reading about my own life, just a few years later. Sure she has high expectations and doesn’t know what’s right in front of her, but so do plenty of other women pursuing the dating world. She aimed high with a rich man, got said rich man, lived in a glamorous world and still chose the life she had before than heaps and heaps of money. She’s an admirable character who had a little fun and also learnt a lesson from it too. Her story goes from being a woman with high expectations to a woman who appreciates what she already has and I’ve learnt a lot from this character that I will take along with me through my own journey of dating. Lesson number one of course, not being so picky.

If you yourself are currently exploring dating apps and plenty of disastrous dates, you’re going to love relating to ‘Perfect Match’!


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