I do love reading a book before the movie comes out, however, some part of me gets really nervous about it because then I’ll find myself comparing the movie to the book and how they’ve missed this part out and that part out, however, with how well done the first movie was, I don’t doubt them for a second with when it comes to book two – they’ve got this in the bag!

‘P.S. I Still Love You’ continues on from the first book, five days later. Lara Jean and Peter have agreed to give their relationship a go and their puppy-love is as sweet and mushy as you’d expect. They’re ready to put their all in to their relationship, however, Peter is still over-friendly with ex-girlfriend Genevieve and one of Lara Jean’s five crushes gets in contact.

After a quick sneaky peek of him at the end of the movie (even though the actor has changed and I’m very excited about that), I was very giddy to finally be introduced to the most anticipated character, John Ambrose McClaren. His role in this book was alongside the other main characters and he had a very prominent impact with Lara Jean feeling’s and the direction she wants her life to go in. John Ambrose McClaren is most certainly a better fit for Lara Jean than Peter is, in a safe way. They have more in common with each other, they’re both as smart as each other, they both think of others before themselves and they just seem to understand one another more. He’s definitely a safer option when it comes to relationships, however, I’m not about that safe life. You need someone who wants adventures and keeps you on your toes, the way Lara Jean and Peter do. That all being said, I did enjoy seeing Lara Jean fall back in contact with friends like John, as at this point she was still in a bubble of her family and Peter. The two of them got up to things that only them two would enjoy and it was nice for Lara Jean to have another friend who wanted to get involved in the same events as she did and not have to force Peter to tag along.

The route of book two’s story-line follows Lara Jean going down memory lane, struggling with deciding which boy she wants to be with and which of her friends still have her best interests at heart. As a sixteen-year-old, I was more the girl who had multiple crushes on boys in school and everyone treated it like it was the worst thing to ever happen to them, but as the years went by and I started to grow in to myself more and experiment with my appearance, got more confident, etc. I then was a lot like Lara who had more options than none and as flattering as it is, it’s a recipe for disaster on all future friendships with the one’s you turn down. We also get to see Lara Jean think more about her future after high school and consider all of her college options, finally taking us slightly away from the childish mind-set and more towards Lara Jean becoming an adult. Although Jenny didn’t take away the friendship bracelets and scrapbooks just yet, they are still and forever will be a part of the person Lara Jean is and will become.

The story-line I loved the most in this book was Lara Jean and Stormy’s relationship. Stormy is in the care home that Lara Jean is volunteering at and the two really have a strong connection. Stormy teaches Lara Jean the ropes of how to be around a boy and how to treat them, whilst also giving her all the juicy details of her previous lovers from her lifetime. Although Stormy knew Lara Jean was smitten by Peter, she still tried to persuade her towards her grandson and while the plot twist of Stormy’s grandson was predictable, it still fit really well and only helped the two grow closer.

The simplicity of book one becomes a lot less simple in book two, as Lara Jean tackles new issues, comes face to face with secrets she shouldn’t know about, whilst trying to keep herself and her own life as stable as she can. Baking is the only solution! Jenny Han really is the master of light-hearted stories that are still able to tug on your heart strings enough and I can’t wait to tell you all more about book 3, as that is when Lara Jean’s life gets the most juiciest! Queue the drama…

Shelby x



  1. May 20, 2019 / 11:42 am

    Not seen the film, but I may dig this out after reading this post x

    • breakfastatshelbys
      May 20, 2019 / 12:44 pm

      This film doesn’t come out until I think, this year or next year! But the first movie called ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is currently on Netflix 🙂 x

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