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Thirty-one-year-old matchmaker Lola James had it all – until she broke her leg at a wedding and discovered that her so-called ‘best friend’ was suddenly too busy to call, her flat had far too many steps, and her boyfriend replaced her quicker than you can say ‘crutches’.

And so she’s back at her parents’ B&B, sleeping in the living room (she can’t get upstairs) and having her hair washed by her mum (she can’t get in the shower).

Freshly single and with a lot of time on her hands, Lola is only too pleased to run into gorgeous Dr Will, an old friend who has definitely improved with age… And then there’s Dean, a divorcé who’s convinced he’s better off alone – no matter how lonely he is.
Can Will help mend Lola’s broken heart as well as her leg? Can she help Dean find love? As a wise man once said, sometimes the one for you is right under your nose, all along…


I’ve not read a book of Portia’s for quite some time now, so it was great to get back in to her books with this gorgeous read. I really enjoyed Lola’s story, after having her terrible accident, causing her to realise her life in the big city, with a hot boyfriend and the best of friends, really isn’t the life she had hoped, therefore forcing her to return home with her parents until her leg had healed up. However, what she is eventually going to learn, is that her return home couldn’t have been a better decision. Home is where the heart is, after all. 

I completely devoured this book within a day, every page making me want more and more. I absolutely adored how the story played out, and I’m glad one of the twists I was hoping for became a reality! Every character – except for one slimy little worm – were so loveable and brought so much to Lola’s life. Her Unmatchables group really made for an interesting story-line and had me giggling to myself many times. They were an eccentric group of people and some more connected in ways they never thought. 

Lola didn’t ever expect to reconnect with an old schoolmate, now turned in to a hottie doctor, however, after her boyfriend in London proved to not be a faithful man, there was no reason to not see where things could go. Their romance begun very fast and it flopped very quickly – luckily!! With a lucky escape, Dean enters Lola’s world and he definitely is a case of you never know what’s right in front of you. He’s very cheeky and stubborn, however you can see he has a good heart and uses certain mechanisms, due to a painful past. They go on outings that they don’t class as dates, yet totally are dates and the friendship clicked immediately to the point where they were always together and always found reasons to be together.  

There is nothing faulty about this story whatsoever – it was an absolute delight to read. It had the perfect amount of predictability and cheesiness, so if you love a bit of that – I highly recommend purchasing a copy!

Shelby x


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