Georgia works at the ‘One Light Charity Shop’ and one evening, a man rings the shops number, mistaking it for the Suicide Prevention help-line, due to having a similar number to One Light. He is in desperate need of help and is about to jump off of a bridge for many reasons that he physically and mentally can not cope with anymore. Georgia has always feared that these two numbers would lead to this happening and her worst fear has happened, no matter how many times she had told the Head Office that this needs to be sorted. Georgia now feels responsible for this man’s life and instead of giving him the number to the correct help-line, she stays on the phone and convinces the stranger to keep living his life. When the man says a word that Georgia only ever hears one man say, her whole world is turned upside down and now she believes that with the information she has, she is the only person who is going to save this person, who was a stranger, but is actually a friendly and familiar face.

I don’t want to spoil anymore than what I’ve already said because I could genuinely talk about this book all day long, but then you’d really have no reason to read it and I really really reallyyy need you to pick up this book. If not for me, for Jaimie, because she has done a wonderful job with this book and it deserves all the recognition possible.

‘It’s A Wonderful Night’ is a magical book full of endless possibilities and reasons to live. What set this book aside from the other’s and really made me resonate with it is that the story-line focused on mental health – which I don’t really ever see in the books that I read and it’s what I go through on a daily basis. Not only does it focus on mental health, but it also focuses on a romantic partner supporting the difficulties that their loved ones have to face and although it is never anybody’s responsibility to put all of their time in to making a loved one want to feel alive again, I really appreciated all of the length’s Georgia went to, in order to make sure all focus was on this one man and never on herself – for a while at least, until the cuffs came out.

Jaimie also shone light on the fact that not everybody enjoys Christmas and whilst some people preach from the rooftops that it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, some people don’t have that feeling towards it and it’s okay to think of Christmas as a not so wonderful time. You may have lost a family member near Christmas or it may be your first Christmas without that family member, Christmas and being surrounded by family may just be all round overwhelming and exhausting, or one of the big ones, it’s the time of year where people start to show off their wealth and how much they can spoil their family – leaving them to sit in their own thoughts and failures. Maybe you don’t have any family at all and are having to spend it alone. Christmas can physically and mentally drain the absolute life out of people and it most definitely drains our bank accounts, it’s a very trying time for people and we should never bring somebody down for not having the same Christmas spirit as we do. Jaimie doesn’t at all try to make us believe that there’s some sort of magic that will fix all of our depression and have us singing ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ or sit watching The Grinch repeatedly for a whole week. She shows us that no matter how bad things are going right now, they can get better with the right people and the right environment. There’s a line in the book that says “Sometimes the people who smile the widest are the ones who are suffering the most.” and it is so true. This year, if you see somebody smiling more than usual, but also have a distance to them – please check up on them because inside it could be really painful for them, but they’re putting their feelings to one side to make sure everybody is constantly happy.

‘It’s A Wonderful Night’ not only focuses on mental health and romance, but it also focuses on friendship and following your dreams. The whole community that was involved in this book was so heart-warming and the fact that they all came together in the end and was willing to defend each other really made me feel warm and happy inside. I really wish I could live in a community like the one Georgia lives in! Georgia and Leo are such wonderful characters that I was so sad to say goodbye to, they were both generous and loving people who always put each other and everybody first, no matter what was going on behind their masks. What makes a book as special as this one is that as I was reading along, I could picture the characters and the community and every little detail – everything just leapt off of the pages and if this doesn’t become a Netflix/Hallmark movie one day then I’m going to be fuming! Seriously, is there a way to get in touch with them? Because I will do it.

If you’re looking for a light, heart-warming, but serious and relatable Christmas story to delve in to, please make this one your choice. I wouldn’t be writing about it if I didn’t think so highly of it… Trust me!

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