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*Many thanks to Lucy, HQ Digital and Netgalley for my copy of this book*

First of all, I just want to say a huge congratulations to Lucy on her debut book! ‘How to Bake a New Beginning’ is about three sisters who are all at very different stages of their lives and after the loss of a family member, come together to pick each other up. The three sisters reunite with a bit of tension in the air for multiple reasons; one being that Sabrina jetted off to LA to pursue her career managing the very successful band ‘San Francisco Beat’, destroying all hopes and dreams that one day the sisters would all live side by side.

When it comes to having multiple POV’s in a book, I start to freak out thinking I’m never going to remember who’s story-line I’m following, however, within the first three chapters, I had become hooked on these 3 women and immediately fell in line with each of their stories. They are all such loveable characters and although they have their differences, they still support one another no matter the situation. Lucy embraced sisterhood so passionately in this book that it made me slightly jealous I don’t have a sister of my own! You can just see that the bond of sister’s is unbreakable and not to be messed with.

Each girl has such passionate dreams that was truly inspiring – Amanda inherited her grandfather’s love for cooking and is creating a cookbook to honour him, Sabrina is living a fancy lifestyle working for a publicity and talent management firm with one of the hottest boybands in the world and Louisa is hoping for a career in fashion. However, although their lives seem as perfect as can be, all of their dreams are being halted one way or another, making it impossible for them to see the light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

What I love most about books that whisk you away to a different country is that you really start to feel like you are in that country with the characters and what better place to be, than Italy! Being able to read about Italy in the Winter was so comforting and cosy, along with all of the delicious recipes Lucy shares with us as well. What made the recipes so unique throughout the book was that there was little quirks here and there that explained the exact way the three girls grandfather cooked his food.

The love of food in this book is quite a central point to the story-line and also to the family. They really cherish and make sure that food and recipes are remembered highly in their grandfather’s life, which was incredibly touching and a great way to keep him alive inside of them. So many different generations of the family had an input in to the making of these recipes and it was just really wonderful to read about! (Also making me extremely hungry in the process)

Let’s wrap this review up talking about none other than the beautiful romances talked about in this book! First off, Lucy completely won me over by creating a man based on the appearance of Harry Styles – swoon worthy straight away! All of the men involved were so charming and supportive of the girls and the loss of their grandfather, especially as some of them also had grown a bond with him too in the past.

I don’t know who’s romance I wanted more – Falling for my best friend, falling for a rockstar or falling for an actual Italian man whilst in Italy itself! These three ladies definitely had a lucky break, but it wasn’t all sunshines and rainbows for these romances – there was plenty of obstacles they had to overcome along the way.

‘How To Bake A New Beginning’ is an incredible debut book from an extremely talented author, who deserves to continuously have this amount of love also for their future books! Lucy really has stolen the hearts of many readers with this book, mine included, and I can’t wait to see what she has next in store for us!

‘How To Bake a New Beginning’ is available for purchase now on Amazon.

*Stay tuned for my interview with Lucy Knott, coming soon.*


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    Sounds like a book I should enjoy! Thanks for sharing

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