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Natalie Jackson’s Instagram account shows her living the fancy and glamorous lifestyle, however, after her fiance made an escape for it after the birth of their baby, Natalie is back home with her mum, living anything but, a fancy and glamorous life. 

After a raffle gone wrong, Natalie is put on a plane to the holiday of a lifetime, with her childhood nemesis, Will Bramble. Can it get any worse? This holiday is actually a honeymoon package for newly weds, making this holiday jam-packed full of romance. 

I’ve always loved Zoe’s female leads and Natalie is now another I can add to the list. She is such a lovely woman who really is in need of catching a break, after her fiance left her for another woman and now being a single mum, it’s safe to say Natalie is in desperate need of some relaxation and what better way than spending four days in Marrakesh? After winning the holiday during a raffle, Natalie was ready to get her best-friend to join her on a girly holiday, however, there was a mishap whilst drawing the tickets and instead, she finds herself on a romantic getaway with her childhood love/nemesis. The background between Natalie and Will is filled with so much puppy love, until Will crushed young Natalie’s heart during a camping trip. It seems that after that moment, to this day, Natalie still holds a grudge over Will, therefore it may take some time for his obvious charm to kick in and win her over. 

What I loved most about this book was it was a fake-dating situation and I absolutely adore them, there’s something about them, knowing the two are going to fall in love, that has me all giddy and excited for the story and romance to blossom. Due to their getaway being part of a honeymoon package, the two had to convince the hotel owners and pretty much everyone they came in contact with, that they were married and that caused for so many hilarious scenes. My most favourite scene included taking fake wedding photos and weirdly enough, actually pulling it off!

Natalie and Will’s romance was really sweet to watch, knowing that both of them had dealt with heartbreak, this holiday was really the best thing for them to push themselves and open up to other people instead of being cooped up in their own little worlds. The adventures they went on together in Morocco allowed the two to open up their eyes and see that they could have fun in the company of somebody else and because of this, they became very honest with each other and begun to pick up the pieces of their past. 

I really enjoyed exploring Marrakesh alongside Natalie and Will – it seemed like such an exotic location, filled with activities I wouldn’t really have ever chosen to do myself if given the opportunity, but now would really love to do! It’s also extremely fun to learn while you read and I learnt quite a bit of information on the African culture throughout, making the story all the more interesting. 

Zoe has done it once again with this gorgeous, fun and light-hearted Summer read. She is hands down, as I always say, one of my favourite authors, to the point where I just purchase her books without even reading the blurb – I just know I’m going to love them and I’ve not proven myself wrong as of up to now! I really liked the speediness of the book, as the majority of the book was only in the space of four days, Zoe did a great job of squeezing everything in and what better way to end the book than with a time jump! I was so happy about Natalie and Will’s ending and closed the book feeling very satisfied. Now, to wait for Zoe’s next creation – I can’t wait! 

Shelby x



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