* A massive thank you to Carol for gifting me with a gorgeous signed copy of An Eye for an Eye*

DI Kate Young is on leave. She’s the force’s best detective, but her bosses know she’s under pressure, on medication and overcoming trauma. So after her bad judgement call leads to a narrowly averted public disaster, they’re sure all she needs is a rest.

But when Staffordshire Police summon her back to work on a murder case, it’s a harder, more suspicious Kate Young who returns. With a new ruthlessness, she sets about tracking down a clinical, calculating serial killer who is torturing victims and leaving clues to taunt the police. Spurred on by her reporter husband, Young begins to suspect that the murderer might be closer than she ever imagined.

As she works to uncover the truth, Young unravels a network of secrets and lies, with even those closest to her having something to hide. But with her own competence—and her grip on reality—called into question, can she unmask the killer before they strike again?

An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young, #1) by Carol Wyer

This was my first mystery-crime read of Carol’s and wow, what an introduction this brand new Detective series was! I really loved the lead character, Kate Young – she is a strong female detective, with a great team surrounding her and despite her mental health suffering from a previous traumatic incident, she never took her eye off the ball. At the beginning of the book, we see that Kate has been through something extremely traumatic, leading to some time off from work and now she’s back and ready to solve one shocking serial killer case. Carol keeps her readers in anticipation throughout the book, only revealing the pieces of the incident bit by bit as the story gradually develops and things start to unwind. I was really eager to piece Kate’s trauma together and didn’t really theorise the possibilities, as I wanted it to be a complete surprise and quite frankly, what I did have vaguely in my mind, it was a lot more tame then what is eventually revealed and I loved it. 

Kate’s mental health was really well portrayed and the story-line behind her suffering really had you sympathising for the character. Her colleagues had started to look at her as a fragile being who was uncapable of heavy tasks, however, she showed everybody exactly what she was capable of and to never undermine her abilities as a detective. That all being said, the small team that were supporting Kate in her case definitely had her back and were all really interesting characters. I can’t wait to return to them in the second book and possibly get a little more of an insight in to their back stories. 

Let’s get to the murder mystery itself, shall we? Everything about this, I just absolutely loved. I always try my hardest to predict who the serial killer is and I’m 99% always wrong, including where this one was concerned! The murders were extremely gruesome and Carol did a brilliant job in capturing all of the gore involved in the murder scenes, as well as everything that connected to the killer themselves. I loved who it turned out to be, their motives, the way they did it, etc. It sounds sick loving the way a killer murdered their victims, but this one really did have me fascinated over their creativeness within the murders. That is all on Carol as well, for being such an excellent Crime writer! 

This is an exceptional read for all fans of murder and crime – with it’s fast paced story-line, plot twists and complex characters, you will find yourself fully immersed in to the pages and the investigation itself. You will always be kept guessing and at the edge of your seat, as Carol’s writing ebbs and flows with anticipation and angst. Our new leading lady is a complex and vulnerable woman who everybody loves and is going to love when they discover her. I can’t wait to now dive head first in to book two, A Cut for a Cut!

Shelby x



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