The third and final instalment of the ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ series begins with a time jump in Lara Jean’s life, as she is now preparing for her first year in college and trying to figure out what the next step is she wants to take in hers and Peter’s relationship.

I don’t have a lot of belief when it comes to long distance relationships, quickly making me doubt that this relationship wasn’t going to make it to the end of the book. Unless you’re going to the same college, in the words of Lara Jean’s mom, “don’t go to college with a boyfriend”.

The final book was a deeper look in to Lara Jean becoming an adult, no longer living in anyone’s shadows, becoming her own person and experiencing things for the first time. With college just around the corner and complications occurring, Lara Jean is now thinking about bringing more intimacy in to their relationship, baring in mind Peter had a lot of that with Gen and the way Jenny went about this when writing ‘Always and Forever, Lara Jean’ really was very important, especially to all young girls and boys who may read this.

Jenny never writes about sex in this book as taboo or wrong and she shows the importance in communicating with your partner about having sex and making sure it is comfortable for both people because this is a vital part of one’s life and you don’t want to take advantage of it in a way that you’ll regret. Every character in the book even talk about it naturally from her sisters, to Peter, even to her father. They’re all very understanding that it’s time for Lara Jean to have these thoughts and support her in making the right decisions for her.

The story also focused on dilemmas that came about, regarding Lara Jean’s college choices and all the things she may have to sacrifice depending on her final decision. Peter and her family were incredibly supportive around this time, as they always are, and it was great to see Peter consider making sacrifices as well to prevent their relationship coming to an end.

Overall, this was another incredible read from Jenny and it’s safe to say, I am well and truly invested in all of these characters and wish them all the best. Lara Jean, I must admit, did irritate me sometimes in this book regarding a certain wedding coming up and I just wanted to scream “NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU!!”. I suppose it was good to keep her childish mindset somewhat alive during her move to college, but wow, that girl is sometimes too organised for her own good and needs to maybe wing it now and again.

I’d love to know what happened afterwards – have Lara Jean and Peter managed to make their relationship work? How is Kitty dealing with having neither one of her sisters around all the time? Have things developed in Margot’s relationship? etc. Don’t leave us hanging, Jenny! I’m not ready to say goodbye to this wonderful series just yet.

Shelby x



  1. June 18, 2019 / 11:50 am

    I’ve only read the first book of this series, but the next 2 books are on my TBR. I’m glad to hear that you liked this book & it would be nice if Jenny wrote a 4th.

    Tales of Belle

    • breakfastatshelbys
      June 21, 2019 / 8:08 am

      Ooh, you’ll have to let me know how you get on with the last two – I absolutely loved them!

      Jenny should definitely write another, even if it’s just a novella – I just want a brief story to tell us how everyone’s getting on! x

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