Is this fake engagement fool proof . . . or half-baked?

When it comes to bread, Reena Manji knows exactly what she’s doing. She treats her sourdough starters like (somewhat unruly) children. But when it comes to Reena’s actual family – and their constant meddling in her life – well, that recipe always ends in disaster.

Now Reena’s parents have found her yet another potential Good Muslim Husband. He’s the perfect, mouth-watering temptation . . . and completely ruined by the unwelcome side dish of parental interference.

Reena refuses to marry anyone who works for her father. She won’t be attracted to Nadim’s sweet charm or gorgeous lopsided smile. That is, until the baking opportunity of a lifetime presents itself: a couples’ cooking competition with the prize of her dreams. Reena will do anything to win – even asking Nadim to pretend they’re engaged. But when it comes to love, baking your bread doesn’t always mean you get to eat it too.

Accidentally Engaged by Farah Heron

Ugh, I absolutely loved loved loved this book and completely devoured it within 24 hours! The chemistry and dynamics between Reena and Nadim were just absolutely to die for – I was obsessed with them both throughout the whole thing and although their meet up was arranged by their parents, much to their dismay, it is so obvious that they would have eventually bumped in to each other at some point in their lives, because they were absolutely meant to be!

Their friendship started off quite rocky, the weight of their parents constantly on their shoulders, but once they decided to say screw it and forge their own paths, their relationship was then truly able to progress. I loved how encouraging they both were towards one another, how they always made sure that they were reaching for their goals and getting involved in any way they could to make their dreams become a reality. I think what made Reena and Nadim’s relationship all the more perfect was Farah’s strong talent in writing the most hilarious of engaging and witty banter between the two. There was plenty of times where I had to laugh out loud and that’s not something I find myself doing very often.

I absolutely loved the diversity within the book and it was lovely to learn more about Muslim roots. With Reena’s passion being baking, there was too many times where I found myself drooling or heard my stomach growling from the absolute delicious Indian dishes Reena and her family were constantly making. I wanted it all passed to me on a plate, there and then!

Overall, Accidentally Engaged was such a fun and flirty read and definitely one of my new favourite books of 2021. Farah provided her readers with strong, inspirational characters, with a mix of family drama, the most mouth-watering and delicious food descriptions and great banter. I 100% recommend this book to everyone!

Shelby x


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