Alice Bright loves her life. She has a job she adores, a devoted family, and friends she’d lay down her life for.

So when tragedy strikes, bringing with it Bear – a rapidly-growing puppy in need of a home – it turns Alice’s whole world upside down. She retreats inside her flat, and inside herself, with only her new companion for company.

But one-bedroom London flats aren’t made for mountain dogs, and so Alice lets Bear push her out of her comfort zone to his homeland: the mountains of Switzerland. Could a change of scene in snowy serenity be just the thing to help Alice fall in love with life again?


What caught my eye the most with this book was pretty much the cover, so I never knew how much I was going to end up absolutely LOVING this book from the beginning, all the way to the end!

The book started in the Summer and had so much promise for Alice and her friends, however, after a heart-breaking accident that occurred, Alice was left feeling lonely, devastated and completely out of her depths. I was about eight chapters in to the book, already attached to these characters, travelling by bus to work and on the brink of tears. A book hasn’t had me feeling physical pain in a long, long time and my chest ACHED. However, like Alice, we embark on a journey of healing and I’m so glad I kept reading because it was every bit gorgeous.

Alice’s move to Switzerland couldn’t have been a better suited move for her and her new furry companion, Bear. I was in love with the bond they had grown with one another and only wanted the best for both. Bear has to be possibly the best dog I’ve read about in a book. He was absolutely gorgeous, loving, friendly, and a gigantic teddy bear, made for the snow. He had so much personality within him and probably stole the entire second half of the book. The way Alice and Bear came together was not the way anyone would have wanted, however, I believe it was meant to be and felt right from the very start.

Switzerland and the people Alice met were just all absolutely delightful and made a great impact on Alice’s life. The scenery was idyllic and with Lisa’s descriptions, it truly felt like you had been transported in to the book to tag along on all of their adventures. From the wooden lodges, ski slopes, mountain views to the delicious foods including; cheese fondue, buttery rosti potatoes and lots of chocolate – it was the perfect escapism to divulge in on a dark winters night.

I was so pleased by Alice’s character development throughout this book, as she eventually begun to fall back in love with what she had once adored and it was an absolute pleasure to see her rebuild her life and make new beginnings for her future. She was an admirable character and I hope this isn’t the last we see of her because I miss her dearly and didn’t want this book to end!

Shelby x


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