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When life doesn’t go to plan, you can write yourself a new story…

From the outside, Harper Hayes looks like she is winning at life.

She has an amazing job as a script writer, a wonderful house, an awesome best friend and an incredible husband. Yes, life seems to be pretty, dare she say it? Perfect?

But life is about to throw more than one spanner in the works of Harper’s picture perfect existence and at the busiest time of the year too.

As Christmas approaches, Harper will have some soul searching to do to decide if there really is such thing as the happily-ever-after she writes about.


I can’t believe I’m already writing up a review for Lucy’s THIRD book, Wishes Under a Starlit Sky! Time is just flying by and I feel extremely proud of Lucy for all she has achieved this year with releasing not only one book, but two! It’s been an absolute pleasure following every step of the way. 

This was another absolutely gorgeous book from Lucy and it came in to my life at a time I really needed. A book split in to two sections, we follow Harper’s story of heart-break and self-love. Harper’s story was inspirational from beginning to end and taught me so much about how to live my life and that you don’t need to be defined by someone else.

Lucy transports us to the stunning mountains of Colorado, in which Harper learns to snowboard, meets new long-life friends and celebrates Christmas in the most magical of ways with her family. We also see in the second part that Harper has achieved so much in her work, in her life and in herself. She is one-hundred-per-cent focused on building a new future for herself and rediscovering herself, with the support of her family, best friend and new friends. There’s a certain job that Harper takes on away from her day job and it had my heart absolutely swooning. Working in the job that I do and meeting many vulnerable families, I was a bit tearful when seeing Harper do what I see almost every day, it’s a really wonderful thing and I have so much respect for everybody who follows in the same footsteps as Harper and Bella. 

I just need to talk about how insanely jealous I was of Harper’s job – writing romance scripts and having them transformed in to movie’s is probably every writer’s dream and wow, was Harper thriving in it! Although she had a rocky start and had adapted a negative outlook on love, she bounced right back and owned it. 

Lucy has once again knocked it out the park with this gorgeous, cosy and delightful read. All of the characters brought to life were a delight to read about and I could write a whole other post on them alone! They made such a positive impact on Harper’s life and encouraged her to try out new things that she probably never would have if she was still in London with her ex. Harper’s best friend, Madi was a pleasure throughout the whole story and her blossoming relationship with a certain character had me feeling all types of ways – they were gorgeous! Not only does Harper meet some incredible people in Colorado, but she also meets two new faces whilst out working and they become possibly some of the most important people out of them all, especially one. 

Wishes Under a Starlit Sky is a love story like no other and one of my favourite Christmas reads so far this year. We all need to learn that love comes in many ways, besides falling in love with a person. It’s about time we all fall in love with life and ourselves. Take in what we have around us and appreciate it for what it is – why change anything when you can just take in the beauty it already has? Connecting with people and expanding your horizons is always a brilliant way of coming out of your comfort zone as well and seeing that there’s a big wide world out there just waiting to be explored by you.

I know I said earlier on that I’m so proud of Lucy for another book release, however, after reading her post Behind the scenes with ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky’, it allowed me to see just how much of herself Lucy has poured in to this story and what she went through herself to inspire Harper. Therefore, I am so proud of Lucy herself, in overcoming that heart-breaking time in her life and picking out the positives in life, rather than the negatives. I can’t even imagine how painful it must have been to go through the feelings Lucy went through in that particular time and to bare her heart to us all – she is such an admirable person and I’m getting a little emotional myself writing this haha! Speaking of emotional, it made my day to see my name pop up in the acknowledgements again! Thank you, Lucy.   

Wishes Under a Starlit Sky is a magical, inspirational read that you don’t want to miss out on. Feel all the love with Harper and be the strong person I know you can be! Plus, I’ll join everyone else in saying what a wonderful Christmas movie this would make! Hallmark and Lifetime… come and meet your next perfect project!

Shelby x



  1. December 30, 2019 / 5:30 am

    With all my heart I thank you so very much for this gorgeous review Shelby, it seriously made me teary. It means so much to know that my words connected with you in some way. I am so beyond grateful. Thank you for making me smile so big! 🙂 Lucy xx

    • breakfastatshelbys
      January 13, 2020 / 9:43 am

      You’re always so very welcome, Lucy! 🙂 xx

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