It’s been way too long since I’ve had my dear friend Lucy on the blog and what more perfect time, than with Blogmas! Today, myself and Lucy are going to be talking about her third novel, ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky’,  the process of writing her novel and all things Christmas! 

So, sit back, relax, enjoy and make sure you go and purchase all of Lucy’s books, as soon as you’ve finished here! 

Welcome back to BreakfastAtShelbys, I’m so happy to have you return and give us all the behind-the-scenes gossip of your newest Christmas release – which I absolutely adored by the way! How about we kick off this interview with you telling us all about ‘Wishes under a Starlit Sky?’

Thank you so much for having me back on your gorgeous blog Shelby, it’s such an honour and I am so grateful for all you do to spread the word about my books. You’re the best and I’m so happy you enjoyed ‘Wishes under a Starlit Sky’ too. ‘Wishes under a Starlit Sky’ is my third book and is about a woman called Harper who is a script writer for a romance movie channel. She’s going through a bit of a rough time in her life. She’s going through a divorce, worrying about her future, wondering what to do next and just feeling very down about life and herself. The story is set over three Christmasses as we see her grow and learn from her experiences and go after the life that she wants for herself. She has her best friend Madi and her wonderful parents to guide her and she meets a whole host of beautiful characters that inspire her along the way.

What inspired you to write ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky?’

I was actually going through a bit of a rough time in my personal life. My marriage had come to an end and I found myself getting very anxious about being thirty-one years old and feeling like I had nothing figured out. I was struggling a lot with self-doubts and insecurities and turned to my writing to keep me company and make me happy. One day when writing my feelings down on paper, Harper popped into my head and instead of writing down what I was feeling, I started writing down what I wanted to feel, and Harper’s world came to life.

With ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky’ being so personal to you, what was the writing process like? Did you find it therapeutic and the perfect way to close the chapter on a certain part of your life?

The writing process was quite smooth in that the words came pouring out, but editing was a little difficult at times when I didn’t want to revisit Harper’s hurt. However, it was also kind of a cool experience to chop and change things and see how much she had grown. In addition, it felt great having ideas come into my head that helped her move forward and that I preferred over sad parts. I liked being able to take them away as it made me look at my real life a little, like well if Harper can get up and do this, then so can I. It did feel very much like closing a chapter for me, but I found it really hard to say by to Harper and Madi once it was all edited and completed. They really did become my best friends and were such a comfort for me.

Being a big fan of Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas movies, I noticed ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky’ could be an absolute perfect story to bring to life! If your book was to become a movie, who would you cast as your leading lady, Harper?

Oh, my goodness, that would honestly be a dream come true and it makes me so giddy and excited that you think that Shelby, thank you. But you know what? I haven’t even thought about a cast for this one. I had loved picking actors for ‘How to Bake a new Beginning’ but I’ve not yet matched actors to Harper and the gang. Ooh I need to think now. Who would you suggest? I’d love my readers to come up with ideas for Harper and Dean. Tweet me @LucyCKNott ?

How do you get yourself in to the festive spirit whilst writing out of season?

I love Christmas so thinking about it and writing about it was just so much fun that I don’t think I stopped to think that I was out of season. I just kept thinking about all the things I love and then I did some research about what Christmas is like in Breckenridge Colorado and that made me all excited. I don’t think I needed too much of a boost to get me feeling festive. Though, I guess the only downside was that it did make me want to put my Christmas tree up in Summer and that did then make me feel a little deflated about the out of season writing! :p

What is the typical Christmas Day routine for you and your family?

These days I usually have a sleepover at my Mum and Dad’s house so that I can wake up on Christmas morning with them and my little sister. We have a pretty chilled morning preparing food and listening to The Overtones Christmas album on repeat. Then we will go get our Nanna before lunch time and all have Christmas lunch together like we have been doing since I was a baby, and it’s the best ever. We stay around the table for a long time, eating, chatting, eating, playing games and eating some more and then we might open a few little gifts and watch a movie together.

What are your favourite go-to foods to make on Christmas Day?

We love making our Nanna’s custard and Pandoro cake, that is a must every single year and we have been trying to perfect Grandad’s Italian chestnut pastries for the past few years and I always look so forward to making them. Also, since being back from America we have been making mince pies with our Nanna and Grandad’s next-door neighbour June, so that’s always a treat and a tradition I am loving.

What are your favourite traditions that you and your family take part in on Christmas Day?

I think the food is just our biggest tradition and our routine really. We always have Pandoro and lots of our favourite Italian dishes, so yes, I’d say the food is our tradition.

What would you say is your go-to Christmas song and movie during the holidays?

I’m a sucker for Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas,’ it truly feels like Christmas when that starts playing. But also, The Overtones ‘Good ole Fashioned Christmas’ is wonderful and one that I adore. Ooh movies is a tricky one. ‘The Holiday’ is one of my all-time favourites as is ‘The Santa Clause’ with Tim Allen, because Tim Allen is the best and that always makes me smile and feel festive. But I pretty much love everything on the Hallmark channel at this time of year too and would happily sit and watch those movies all day long.

Do you have anything in particular on your wish-list this year for Christmas?

Christmas has come early this year for me as my sisters and I are off to Wales Comic Con to meet Zachary Levi at the beginning of December and then we’re going to see The Overtones and Harry Styles new album comes out in the same week and if that wasn’t all amazing enough, we’re going to see Harry live on tour next year, so I’m an incredibly spoilt, grateful and ridiculously happy camper already. But honestly, every year I just pray that all my family are healthy and happy and that we have a nice day together.

If you could describe ‘Wishes Under a Starlit Sky’ in three words, what would they be?

I always struggle with these questions as it’s always a case of hoping that I have done the words justice. But three words stand out to me that I truly hope I achieved with this story and they are ‘Empowering’, I hope anyone who reads it will come away feeling like they can go after their dreams and get through any obstacle and know that they alone are worth it and enough. ‘Heart-warming’ I hope that readers enjoy all the festivities and all the love and friendship between the characters. Erin and Dean certainly warm my heart and I adore Madi and hope that readers will find them all heart-warming. And lastly ‘Magical’. I believe with a little faith in magic and the universe that our journeys are all special and we each have a story to tell and a purpose in this life.

Lastly, do you have any future book news that you are able to share with us?

I have been writing a book for the past few months and have really fallen in love with the characters. It’s a romance and all about being proud of who you are and about letting our inner child’s out every now and again. I actually finished the first very rough draft this past weekend, but it will hopefully find a home in the near future. Kelly and I have been working on a book together and I have some ideas for other stories but no immediate books to share at this time. I’m just very giddy about writing at the moment and am enjoying learning from every story and seeing where they take me.

It sounds very exciting – I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next, Lucy! Merry Christmas! 

Shelby x


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  1. December 30, 2019 / 5:28 am

    Thank you so much for having me on your gorgeous blog again Shelby, I had so much fun answering your wonderful questions! 🙂 Also, roll on April for Harry Styles! 🙂 Lucy xx

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