Josie has never belonged anywhere, nor does she ever believe she will – so, when she ends up in the small town of Sunnycombe for a temporary job, she doesn’t expect to at all fall in love with the town and the people in it.

Callan is the owner of a bakery, with young daughter Mia – the two of them grieving a tragic loss. Queue Josie, who is interested in becoming the bakery’s front assistant, the two are about to have their worlds turned upside down.


The Little Bakery of Hopes and Dreams was such a gorgeous read and a Hallmark movie just waiting to be made! Josie was such a likeable character from the get-go, even when she was very negative about life, however, you learn early on as to what is the cause of her attitude, allowing you to sympathise and root for her. I couldn’t blame her at all for falling in love with Callan and Mia, they were both such wonderful characters and even I thought they were the image of a perfect family from the beginning.

Callan is one of my favourite male leads to read about this year. He had been through so much pain and heartache, it was lovely to see Josie by his side, helping him come out of his shell and learn to love. He had every right to be guarded, but he brought so much joy also to Josie’s life, like turning her in to a Christmas lover and making her see that she didn’t need to move around all the time, she was welcome to stay exactly where she was.

I absolutely adored the gorgeous little Mia, she was the perfect addition to this story and had me giggling to myself plenty of times. Her and Callan’s relationship really is such a special one and it showed through every page. With Josie now involved, they really did become the perfect family. Josie and Mia connected instantly, even with Callen’s hesitancy about Mia getting too attached to a woman who could up and leave at any time. Mia really saw a role model in Josie and did everything her little being could to keep the three of them together. Whatever Callen and Mia had planned, Josie had to be included. If anyone’s the matchmaker of this book – it is for sure, Mia! 

Every book I read of Kellie’s, I absolutely love and this one is no exception. I would highly recommend it to everybody I know, as this is a Christmas book that can’t go amiss.

Shelby x


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