In One Week Til’ Christmas, we meet Isobel, a journalist, who finds herself in London just a week before Christmas and intends to spend it by getting in to the Christmas spirit and experiencing everything she possibly can, with the help of her best friend, Estelle. However, Isobel’s plans are slightly adjusted when she literally takes a fall with the gorgeous Tom. When the two meet again whilst Isobel is on the job, they seem to think fate is trying to tell them something and decide to spend the week getting to know each other, whilst also embarking on a little adventure jam-packed with the most adorable Christmas activities, including; ice-skating, Christmas shopping and tucking in to all the delicious Christmas foods!


There’s something about these story-lines, in which two people only have a limited time to get to know one another, that I just can’t get enough of. As soon as I knew that Isobel and Tom only had a week together, the excitement just completely consumed me! I think these sort of story-lines really are so romantically powerful, that you immediately want a one week romance yourself… with the hopes that you both fall hard enough to want to stay together forever!

Isobel was such an inspiring character to get to know – she was in a job that didn’t respect her whatsoever and took advantage of her at every possibility, therefore she knew the right thing to do was set up her own website and become a freelance journalist. Having a blog myself, I can definitely relate to how scary it is to see whether or not it will be a success or not and now I feel more motivated than ever to work extra hard on my blog to get it the best I possibly can. With the help of Isobel and Tom, this seemed to become a possibility more and more as the story went along. Isobel probably had the most to lose when it came to saying goodbye to Tom, as she lives in Melbourne and travels constantly for work, therefore she was more reserved than Tom about allowing their friendship to become anything more. Of course, Tom had plenty to lose as well, but he didn’t live on the other side of the world. Tom really encouraged Isobel to open up though and have fun, no matter their expiry date and because of that, she begun to fall hard, causing problems when it came to travelling home, where her family were waiting for her to finally come home for Christmas for the first time in three years.

Tom was just such a drop-dead gorgeous character, like seriously, where can I get a man like him? He took Isobel to all of the best locations in London and was determined to give her the best week before she headed home. He never shyed away from his feelings towards her and made it very well known throughout that he would go far and beyond to keep her in his life. He was an incredibly fun and carefree character as well around Isobel, with great humour and I felt myself smile a lot at everything he said. Despite his career, he was so humble and Isobel never looked at him as anything other than the man she had met and got to know all by herself. She wasn’t going to let the internet tell her otherwise. He spoke so passionately about his career and life, that I could feel myself gradually just falling in love with him. He is definitely the type of man I could sit and listen to all day, I wouldn’t spend a single day feeling bored, because there’s nothing more attractive than a man who talks with such passion and isn’t afraid to talk about all different types of topics. Again, does this sort of man exist out in the world?

Isobel and Tom’s blossoming romance really was the most magical story to read about – I absolutely adored getting to know them and joining them in all of the Christmas festivities during their time in London. Their connection was instant, but their romance was paced perfectly throughout and allowed them to really develop feelings for one another – They just clicked so well and helped one another with making choices, gave the right advice and really cared for one another, making the ending that much more stunning.

The story was everything I could have imagined and more, I was so satisfied with the outcome of Isobel and Tom’s relationship, that I somehow want Belinda to give us another book about them! This will be an unforgettable read, that has brought so much joy and happiness to my own life and I will hold these two characters very close to my heart for a long time. This is the first book of Belinda’s I have read and I will not be stopping here. As soon as I’ve published this review, I’ll be rushing to add the rest of her books to my TBR list.

If you want to get in to the Christmas spirit with a gorgeous, magical and stunning romance, then may I introduce you to Isobel and Tom, because you’re really not going to get anything better than the adventures they’re about to take you on! Also be prepared for the emotional roller-coaster you’re about to get locked in to as well, although I can promise you, you’re only going to have a full heart and a big smile on your face from beginning to end!

Shelby x


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