Jess Rigby lost her father during a boating accident, causing her and her family to grieve in their own different ways – her sister, Isla, is excelling at life in France, her mother believes she is seeing her ex-husband everywhere she goes and Jess has closed herself up to now ex-boyfriend and is struggling to move on from her father’s disappearance. With the return of Jess’ sister, Isla takes it upon herself to renovate Moondance Cottage and put it on the market, as no one has been living there since their father. However, Jess is very much against the idea, because this will lead to memories being removed from a home that once held so much happiness – but could also bring her closer to hidden secrets that will force her to look at her family differently.

I was so excited when Rosie emailed me about reviewing Snowflakes at Moondance Cottage, as part of #Blogmas and my goodness, I’m so glad I agreed to it because this was one gorgeous and extremely emotional roller-coaster! Plus, have you SEEN how stunning the book cover is!? 

The mystery of what happened to Max Thornton really had me gripped and as the story began to unfold, I found myself jumping inside the book, along with the characters, feeling all the different emotions with the family such as; heartbreak, betrayal, relief, acceptance. The way each character grieved was also heart-breaking in itself, each of them, except one, still had some hope that he may return and could never fully accept that that was unlikely to happen – I admired them so much though, for keeping faith and with Christmas being such a magical time – who knows what might happen? 

I really enjoyed following Jessica’s story and felt for her so much when her sister went behind her back to renovate Moondance Cottage, a home that carried so many memories along with it. I couldn’t blame her for taking her anger out on the builder who was destroying her childhood home, as I would’ve done the exact same, even if he was extremely handsome. However, I was so pleased when the friendship between those two began to blossom, as it was obvious from the start that under different meeting circumstances, they would have got along straight from the get-go. They just had a couple of tiffs and obstacles to get through first, before they could allow themselves to feel for the other. When they did express their feelings, it still wasn’t an easy ride, but it was something worth fighting for and I was overjoyed that it was progressing in the way I had hoped. 

I especially loved when Jessica carried on her father’s traditions of hand-crafting baubles and decorating them to sell to shops. Not only did that bring her Christmas spirit and her love for the craft back, but it also helped out a fellow friend’s business, allowing her to bring happiness elsewhere, even if she wasn’t completely feeling it herself. She pushed herself out of her comfort zone and honoured her father in the best way she knew – and for that she is incredibly admirable. 

I couldn’t have loved this book more if I tried. It had so many incredible twists here and there, meaning you never knew what was ever coming and every page was a surprise. An incredibly moving read about a devastated family getting the Christmas they finally deserve, with the most gorgeous ending and all the festivities you could possibly need!

Shelby x


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