Losing her husband a lot sooner than expected, Nina is still struggling two years on to let go of her life with Gray and move on to other aspects of her life. A great distraction came the communal garden, in which Nina and her best friend Robyn, had the wonderful idea of turning it in to a memory garden, in which people could write a message or light a lantern for a loved one they have lost.


I absolutely adored Nina, she saw the best in everything and everyone, despite multiple knock-backs. She dealt with her grief a lot differently to her best friend, who also lost her husband to the same illness, however, grief comes in many different types and that’s okay. Where Robyn stayed with her husband to nurse him through his illness, despite no longer loving him, Nina had loved Gray with all of her heart and was nowhere near ready to say goodbye to him. Robyn may sound a little harsh in ways, however, she was absolutely hilarious throughout. She had no filter at all on her mouth and was always out looking for the next eligible man for her. She had a very interesting story within the book as well, as her son was adapting to his mother moving on from his late father and let’s just say he wasn’t taking to it extremely well. 

Colm, the gardener, was a breath of fresh air for Nina, showing her that she is allowed to move on and Gray would completely understand. Although, that didn’t stop Tilly digging deeper in to how moving on from a loved one can also affect other members of the family, as Tilly feared her relationship with Gray’s mother would come to an end when she finally found someone new. I absolutely loved their growing relationship and Colm really couldn’t have come at a better time. He was absolutely delightful as well, with his Irish accent and delicious looks – however, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold a little baggage himself!

Nina’s husband, Gray, seemed like such a wonderful man and I would have loved to have had more of an insight in to his and Nina’s life together, but I do understand why Tilly didn’t shed too much light on their marriage, as this was a story of keeping loved ones in your heart, but also learning to let go and move on for yourself as well.

The Garden on Sparrow Street is a gorgeous, heart warming story to curl up to during the winter holidays, but be prepared to unleash all the emotions! Tilly Tennant always has the power to write such beautiful and complex story-lines and The Garden on Sparrow Street was no different. This book is about love, friends, family and most importantly, learning how to move on from the past and live life in the present. The community came together to celebrate those they had lost and brought a whole new atmosphere to Christmas compared to the previous ones. If you’re in need of a Christmas read, please make sure you add The Garden on Sparrow Street to your list, as it is not one to be missed!

Shelby x


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