When Sylvie Magnusson’s Christmas plans fall through with who should have been her husband-to-be, her and best friend, Nari, plan a trip to see the Northern Lights in Lapland, however, Sylvie has a bit more of an agenda to the trip than just going for the sights. An old flame of Sylvie’s lives in the town they are visiting and what’s more romantic than reigniting said flame at the most magical time of the year? 

Ooh, it feels good to be reviewing another of Kiley’s books on the blog, after absolutely loving her debut, ‘One Summer’s Night‘. When I found out Kiley was releasing a second book, based at Christmas, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it as soon as it was released! Let’s just say, the wait has definitely been worth it. 

I really liked the idea of Sylvie seeking out an old relationship to find out ‘what could have been’. During flashbacks, it was very clear that the two were head over heels for one another and that the break-up wasn’t what either wanted, however was somewhat for the better. Or at least, that’s what one of them had always believed. Stellan was a very stubborn man indeed when we first met him, however, as the story went on and he allowed himself to let Sylvie back in, the two had so much fun and you could tell it was meant to be – the sparks were practically flying off of the pages!

Speaking some more of sparks flying off of pages, oh my goodness, I don’t think I could’ve adored Stellan’s best friend, Niilo, anymore than I already did! He was such a dreamy, cute character and I really need a gorgeous, Finnish, Niilo in my life now. Heck, this whole book made me want to jump on the next plane to Lapland and have a winter holiday romance! Niilo and Nari (Sylvie’s best friend) definitely had intentions on pursuing one another from the get-go and the two had wonderful experiences together, whilst Nari visited the best places to share with her blog followers. Their romance was just absolutely adorable, as both were quite shy with one another at times and my gosh, Niilo had my heart swooning at the end when he silently spoke to Nari about letting her go, only to whip out his guitar at the end and win over not only Nari’s heart, but mine as well! Seriously, Kiley – do you think you can somehow bring Niilo to life and send him my way? 

One of my favourite parts of Sylvie’s story-line was that Stellan took care of a lot of gorgeous huskies, allowing Sylvie to cuddle them, love them and heal her broken heart regarding her own furry friend. The husky sledding sounded like an absolute delight as well, I would love to experience that one day! 

Christmas at Frozen Falls is a stunning Christmas read this year, that will have your heart swooning, your festive feelings brewing and a sudden urge to book next Christmas in Lapland! Plus, every character were absolutely wonderful to read about and I enjoyed learning about the traditions and customs that come with the gorgeous town. I can’t wait for what’s coming up next and you will all find that out in tomorrow’s post, in which I will be interviewing Kiley – yay! 

Shelby x


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