I am so incredibly excited to have Kiley back on the blog, this time to talk all about her latest novel, Christmas at Frozen Falls! Not only do we talk about her latest book release, we also talk about Christmas traditions, what’s on Kiley’s Christmas wish-list this year, the all incredible question of who did she imagine as her gorgeous leading men and we even get a little glimpse in to what Kiley has in store for us next!

So, without further ado, let’s get in to the interview:

Welcome back to BreakfastAtShelbys, I’m so happy to have you return and give us all the behind-the-scenes gossip of your newest Christmas release, which as you can see from my book review, I absolutely loved! How about we kick off this interview with you telling us all about ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls’?

Thanks so much for having me back on your lovely Blog, Shelby. I’ve been a fan of BreakfastatShelbys for a long time so it’s always nice to talk to you! I’m so glad you loved Christmas at Frozen Falls, my first Christmas romcom, the story of Sylvie Magnussen and what happens when she’s reunited with the one that got away in snowy Lapland one magical Christmas.

What inspired you to write ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls?’

I just LOVE Christmas. It’s as simple as that. And I wanted to write a book that combined my love of the festive season with travel and romance: the magic trio and my absolute reading catnip!

It was impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful Frozen Falls, to the point where I immediately added Lapland to the list of places I need to visit in the future! Have you ever been to Lapland yourself? If so, what were the highlights of your holiday? If not, what would you love to explore there, given the chance?

I urge everybody to consider Lapland and colder Northern climes for their 2020 travels. Me, my husband Nic, and the kids spent three days in Lapland in the run up to Christmas Eve 2018 and it was magical. Highlights included meeting Santa in his little cottage in the woods and watching the kids stuffed into their snowsuits hurtling down a floodlit toboggan run! Even aside from all the Christmas magic there’s something utterly transporting and dream-like about being that far north and about the dark skies in winter. There’s something about the place that draws you back.

Niilo and Stellan were absolutely gorgeous characters to add to ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls’ and I’m sure like many, I just have to know which handsome men you had in mind whilst bringing these two to life?

Shelby, you know I always make an old school mood board to keep me inspired as I write and for Christmas at Frozen Falls it was pinned all over with pictures of the beautiful Jon Henrik Fjällgren, a Swedish-Sami singer and the inspiration for Niilo. Jon Henrik made all the judges cry when he appeared on a Swedish version of Britain’s Got Talent. Check him out on YouTube, he’s magnificent!

And for the gorgeous, brooding blond Stellan Virtanen I had two men in mind. Young Stellan (the twenty something who has a steamy and short lived love affair with Sylvie Magnussen whilst an exchange student at her uni was inspired by the adorable Norwegian actor Henrik Holm (star of the TV show SKAM) and when Sylvie is reunited with a thirty something Stellan I imagine he’d matured into a bit of an Alexander Skarsgård type. Delicious!

Whilst curled up reading ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls’, I really could picture this as the perfect Christmas movie and now I desperately need that to happen! If this book was to turn in to a movie, who would your perfect cast be for the main four?

Oh my! That would be a dream come true! I’d want my mood board men in the cast for sure. And for Sylvie, give me the stunning, feisty, red haired Eleanor Tomlinson (from Poldark) and for Nari Bell (her best friend, a travel writer and blogger who gets her very own Happy Ever After in Lapland), I’d definitely cast Lee Na-young (from Romance is a Bonus Book). She is utterly gorgeous and just the best actress I ever saw.

How do you get yourself in to the festive spirit whilst writing out of season?

I can tap into my Christmas spirit any time of year. I am a Christmas nut. But I find it much, much harder to write summer stories in winter. It’s so difficult to conjure up the summer heat and light when you’re writing by candle light beside a twinkling Christmas tree.

What is the typical Christmas Day routine for you and your family?

Christmas Day is very laid back in the Dunbar house. It’s just presents, pyjamas, a lazy breakfast and popping corks. We spend the day on our own: just me, Nic, the kids and Amos (our puppy) and we don’t go anywhere. It’s lovely! No driving! No dressing up! No drying dishes! Just lounging and watching the kids play, and lots and lots of turkey, of course! Then my parents visit on Boxing Day for a bit more of a party.

What are your favourite go-to foods to make on Christmas Day?

Smoked Salmon bagels for breakfast, the traditional turkey and trimmings later in the day, homemade Scotch broth for starters, trifle for pud (yes, with orange jelly!) and a Chatwins Bakery Christmas pudding (they’re the best), and a nice bottle of bubbly since it’s the Big Day!

What are your favourite traditions that you and your family take part in on Christmas Day?

Nothing in particular, just lots of cuddling up, playing and festive telly! And I do like a Christmas jigsaw!

What would you say is your go-to Christmas song and movie during the holidays?

Wham!’s “Last Christmas” is without doubt the best Christmas song of all time, and that video is the stuff of Christmas legend! It even gets a mention in Christmas at Frozen Falls! Though I do love the carol “O Holy Night”, sung by a choir too! Very dramatic. And the best Christmas movie? Die Hard. It’s just not Christmas without Bruce running around in his dirty little vest.

Do you have anything in particular on your wish-list this year for Christmas?

What I’d really, really like is a Christmas picture of my wee family all smiling and all looking at the camera at the same time! It’s never been done. Perhaps this is the year!

If you could describe ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls’ in three words, what would they be?

Snowy. Sultry. Satisfying.

Lastly, do you have any future book news that you are able to share with us?

In late 2020 you’ll be able to read the sequel to my debut One Summer’s Night, and we (me and Hera Books) have a few more surprises coming your way next year too! Keep an eye on @KileyDunbar for all our exciting news!

Thank you so much for hosting me on your beautiful blog, Shelby! I always enjoy being here. Good Luck to everyone who enters our giveaway to win an eBook of Christmas at Frozen Falls, and Have a Very Merry (and Romantic) Christmas! Love Kiley, xx

Thank you so much for coming back on the blog, Kiley – it is always an absolute pleasure – Merry Christmas! For a chance on winning a signed copy of ‘One Summer’s Night’ and ‘Christmas at Frozen Falls’, ENTER HERE.

Shelby x


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    Thanks so much for having me, Shelby!

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