With a heartbreaking past she is ready to move on from, Ruby Marlowe moves to the Little Village of Happiness, in need of living closer to her best friend, Willow, whilst also relocating her Christmas shop in order to bring her Christmas spirit to the town she has fallen in love with. 

Prior to moving to Happiness, Ruby had a summer fling with the gorgeous Jacob Harrington, who potentially had the power to open her heart, knowing she’d never see him again. So, when she finds out he’s back in the village and here to stay, Ruby is forced to revisit feelings she had locked away and find out once and for all if Jacob Harrington really was the man to help her love again.

I only realised after reading this book, that there is a first book within this series, therefore, I would definitely recommend reading that one for a better backstory of the characters we meet in the ‘The Gift of Happiness’, however, that being said, I would still say that this book could easily also be read as a standalone! 

Ruby has to be one of my favourite book characters to read about this year – although she had been through a lot of dark situations throughout her life and could be extremely stubborn at times, she was still human and I really enjoyed following her journey to love and happiness. That being said, when she wasn’t fighting her sexual desires for the handsome Jacob Harrington, she was a pleasant and bubbly woman, with the all the Christmas spirit to give and I loved her. When you find out why Ruby is so guarded around men, your heart will immediately break for her and you’ll understand a lot more as to why she is the way she is, but you’ll also be screaming at the book, trying to tell Ruby to take a chance on Jacob, because he was just an absolute delight through and through!

Jacob Harrington is the brother of Andrew Harrington, Willow’s partner, who couldn’t have revealed his feelings for Ruby more in this book, even if he shouted it from the rooftops. He was there for Ruby at every second of the day, supporting her with her bad past and being patient in regards to his wanting the two to be in a fully committed relationship. He would do absolutely anything and everything for Ruby, causing my heart to swoon more than enough times throughout the book and the connection between the two was so extremely heated – Holly did such a fantastic job at describing Ruby and Jacob’s relationship, the sparks were literally flying out of the book!

Ruby and Jacob were certainly the highlight of this book, however, the community as a whole definitely came a solid second in the best thing to come out of this book. The people Ruby met had me giggling to myself so much – living in a small town, there was no room for privacy and they had a serious obsession with her sex life, with hilarious ways of describing it along the way. That being said, they were great supports of Ruby with her shop and with her Christmas charity events for a special someone. They were there through everything and it made me very jealous that I don’t live in a small community that would do the same for me. 

I have always adored Holly’s style of writing and her books in general, ‘The Gift of Happiness‘ being no exception. It was a gorgeous, Christmas read from start to finish with everything you could possibly need, including; romance, laughter, tears and plenty of steamy moments. You’d be crazy to make a pass on it!

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Shelby x


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