After finding her boss/boyfriend in a compromising position with another colleague and also finding out she’s not the only colleague he’s been secretly having an affair with, Leah finds herself the next morning at home with three empty bottles of Prosecco and the new proud owner of a Christmas Tree farm. Up and moving to Scotland, Leah believes this is the best move for her, and by the looks of the photos shown online, her parents would’ve adored her next business move, filling her with excitement.

Except, nothing is ever as it says on the internet and this little farm is far from the pictures shown on the website. Leah ends up having a lot more work on her hands then she anticipated with the farm and also with her new home, which is completely falling apart. Leah’s neighbour, Noel, has many doubts about her new ownership and accuses her of giving up when it gets too hard. So, not only does Leah have to prove to herself that she can do this, she also feels the need to prove herself to Noel and the whole community, learning the ropes and working as hard as ever to revive this farm in to the magical place it had been once upon a time.

Jaimie has done it yet again with such a gorgeous book, filled with gorgeous characters. Leah was an admirable character who, although knowing nothing about how to run a Christmas Tree farm, put all of her hard work and energy in to making her abandoned farm become a place where the locals can return and take in the magic it once held.

With the help of the extremely handsome, Noel, the two were a great team – despite their first couple of encounters – and it was a delight to see their chemistry blossom. As a pumpkin farmer, Noel knows more than a thing or two about how to run a farm and, although he has his doubts about Leah, he continued to help her each and every day to make sure the farm he had grown up on was getting the treatment and love it deserved – it also might have been that he had a major thing for Leah, but wouldn’t admit it to her or himself. For me, he did start off slightly irritating with his constant accusations, however, his soft side soon made an appearance and he became a very lovable character. Plus, he is a strong lover of dogs and the owner of a Chihuahua called Gizmo. Sold!

Jaimie is never a let-down when it comes to giving you a few giggles throughout her stories and with the amount of Christmas Tree puns flowing through this one, I felt myself smile quite a lot. The community itself had some wonderful characters to add to the story, every single one of them welcoming and supportive of Leah from the very start.

This is a great Christmas read and has gotten me seriously in to the Christmas spirit – I am adding ‘visit a Christmas Tree farm‘ on my to-do list this December asap! The absolute perfect, cosy read for all romance lovers, in which, with all of Jaimie’s books – I highly recommend.

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