Amelia loves her life in Paris. But with the surprise inheritance of her childhood home, she has no choice but to return to the small village of Meadowbank to restore her great-aunt’s old farmhouse.

However returning to Meadowbank means she has to confront her past, including old flame Adam – the one person she regrets leaving behind.

When Amelia discovers a locket hidden in the farmhouse, containing the picture of a mysterious World War Two soldier, she starts to uncover the secrets of her great-aunt’s past. With Adam on hand to help restore the farmhouse, she’s shocked by his generosity after so many years apart. It 

As her feelings for her first love reignite, Amelia is suddenly confused as to where she truly belongs.

Can Amelia finally find where her heart truly calls home?

Another year, another fabulous book by Katie – she certainly knows how to spoil us all! I mean, just look at that absolutely gorgeous cover, for starters!? I was immediately drawn in just by the cover, but the secrets within Meadowhouse had me completely enthralled. 

Like all of Katie’s leading ladies, Amelia was one that you just couldn’t help fall in love with the second you meet her. She had quite a traumatic past and a lot of self-love to work on, thanks to her Great-Aunt Vera who never shied from expressing just how much becoming a parent to Amelia was not in the cards of her life. Returning home after the passing of Vera, Amelia was determined to figure out what had forced Vera to become the bitter woman she had been, from just eighteen-years-old. This was not only a journey of discovering Vera’s past, but it was also a journey for Amelia to discover how she felt about her present and what she wanted in her future… or shall I say, who she wanted in her future. She doesn’t feel that she belongs in her hometown, nor does she feel that she belongs in her new fancy lifestyle of Paris. It certainly doesn’t help when old faces show up on her doorstep with a not so warm greeting. Amelia’s mission is to revitalise the Farmhouse, find answers to all of Vera’s secrets, sell her childhood home and return to Paris – there was no hesitation within her beginning goals. 

I really love the second chance stories, whether that be with a place or a person – it’s just such a lovely message to put out there, that everyone deserves a second chance, because life is just too damn short. An old flame, Adam, is definitely one piece of the puzzle for Amelia to be able to start her second chance back home and what a glorious addition that man was! He had his doubts and his trust issues towards Amelia, but he still never hesitated when she needed support, especially getting to the bottom of the Meadowhouse secrets. I was so eager to fly through the pages and follow the pair throughout their research. There was so many fascinating facts and people that they learnt about along the way, I became consumed with trying to piece Vera’s life together myself. When everything finally clicked in to place, I absolutely gasped out loud and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it sooner! The way Katie finalised Vera’s story and with everything we learn coming to the end, I was actually brought to tears. All the bitterness and pain that Vera had felt for so many years finally made sense and it was heart wrenching, I must admit. 

The Secrets of Meadow Farmhouse is a story that is going to completely tug at your heart-strings. The romance within the present and the past are both extremely beautiful and I was overjoyed to see at least one have their happy ending. The setting that Katie describes is a place I would adore visiting, especially with the set of kind-hearted characters that come along with it. I was expecting this to be a stand-alone story, but it appears that Katie already has more in store for Amelia and Adam, possibly causing me to let out a little squeal of excitement! I am thoroughly looking forward to returning to Meadowbank. 

Shelby x



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  1. May 23, 2021 / 10:48 am

    I adore Katie and have this on my TBR pile too! 🙂 Lucy xx

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