Tomboy Scarlett thought Devon would be her best friend forever. He was the only person in Springhollow who supported her ambitious artist dreams. But then one winter, Devon and his parents disappear without warning to start a new life in NYC and a devastated Scarlett is left alone to face her high-school bullies and overbearing mother.

Fast-forward ten years: Scarlett is playing it safe in her childhood village with a dull PA job and a wardrobe that passes her mother’s old-fashioned standards. Meanwhile, Devon is a Hollywood heartthrob, starring in the latest superhero blockbuster. And he’s finally coming home for Christmas…

Scarlett can’t help blaming her former best friend for the way her life has turned out, but Devon’s cheeky charm and gorgeous smile prove difficult to resist. Devon always did make her feel on top of the world, but Scarlett knows her heart isn’t racing just because she has her friend back – is it mistletoe madness, or is she seeing Devon in a completely new light?

Scarlett hasn’t taken a risk in years… but this Christmas of second chances could finally be her time to shine.


Oh my goodness, now where do I start with this extremely gorgeous story!? I’m going to try my best to get all of the words down in to one post, but please bare with me, as I could be rambling for a while! One Snowy Week in Springhollow has most certainly been one of my top most anticipated Christmas reads for this year and Lucy did not disappoint – nor does she ever. 

From the very first page, I could feel myself falling so heavily in love with Scarlett and Devon’s friendship, which Lucy displayed perfectly throughout the flashbacks. I found myself feeling so warm inside, smiling to myself with every flashback that Lucy treated us with – their bond is really something to admire and allowed me to remember fond memories of my childhood best friend (who moved to Spain and I haven’t seen in possibly over ten years). I just found myself really connecting with what the two had together and what is more magical than connecting with a book? I absolutely love it! In fact, I found myself connecting with almost the entirety of this book and because of that, I couldn’t bare to put this book down and/or say goodbye to the wonderful characters it held! 

Between all of the delightful, sometimes heart-wrenching flashbacks, Lucy transported us to a magical and small town called Springhollow – a place where there is no other feeling other than pure cosiness. I found myself jumping in to the story, walking the streets, admiring the decor amongst every building, every store, every home, every historical landmark – my favourite especially being the gazebo. The whole town is a place I could only ever dream of living in and really allowed my imagination to go wild. I also couldn’t help but envy Scarlett’s morning trips for a Peppermint latte and I am still in need of going on a mission to find one of these myself! 

Oh, Scarlett – how extraordinary of a character you are! I truly believe that Scarlett is the first book character that I have connected with on pretty much every single level. I’m a geek at heart, I can talk about Marvel theories for eternity, I would rather wear clothes with my favourite fictional characters on than clothes that appear more “normal” and I was bullied for what I loved throughout my school days, sometimes even getting the odd judgemental comment even today from people. I felt every bit of pain and trauma that Scarlett was going through, never truly being allowed to be herself and even scared of being herself, knowing what the people around her would say. I don’t shy away from what I love, however, when someone does make a sly comment, I find it easy to fold back in to myself and bite my tongue whenever I have the urge to express my love for something. Whilst Scarlett went through similar, there was also a much larger reason to hiding all that she loved – losing her best friend, Devon. Scarlett is one heck of an admirable character, who has helped me learn to stay proud of what I love and never be afraid to show it to the world. She held on to so much pain for such a long time and it was an absolute pleasure to see her finally come out of the shell she had formed around herself, blossoming in to the woman she truly wants to be. The return of Devon really forced Scarlett to face all that she had chosen to ignore and despite her doubts and guarded wall, I’m so glad that he just so happened to show up in Springhollow once more, as she faced conversations and situations that she never would have if it wasn’t for Devon. She would have been trapped in her little bubble of pleasing everyone but herself for the rest of her life. I was so giddy when all of Scarlett’s geeky secrets came to light, especially with her two best friends, Hope and Jess, because it was a laugh seeing how gobsmacked they were to learn how Marvel/DC obsessed their best friend was and she had neglected that part of her life for so long. 

Devon, Devon, Devon – you are a dream! Imagine having a childhood best friend that was about to become a superhero on the big screen!? Scarlett definitely would have expressed her excitement for that, if Devon and his parents didn’t uproot to New York at a time where Scarlett really needed him. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the way life works and despite Devon’s attempts at keeping in touch, his best friend was much too devastated to respond, leaving him losing the one consistent person in his life. You assume after a decade of not seeing one another and becoming this big shot movie star, Devon would return to his small hometown with a massive ego and no recollection of the life he once lived, however, that was far from the situation and he was so swoon worthy because of it. There wasn’t a moment/memory in their childhood that Devon didn’t remember; from all of the adventures they went on, all of the broken bones that endured, all the way to Scarlett’s dreams. Devon remembered it all and he was shocked to see Scarlett had not become the woman she once had declared for herself. Dressing only to her mother’s approval and working a job that wasn’t her dream, it appeared only one of them got what they wanted and Devon was determined to do something about it. After all the years that went by, Devon still had a child-like mindset, that also unlocked Scarlett’s, warming up my heart when they re-continued their adventures as adults.  I absolutely adored how humble of a man he was, how much love and care he still showed to his hometown and everyone inside of it, especially Hope and Jess. I loved these moments especially, because the two sometimes just couldn’t help but fan-girl/fan-boy over him and I can imagine that was incredibly surreal for Scarlett, only ever looking at him as the best friend she once had. 

Whew, I could talk about this book all day, I best get wrapping it up! As you all can tell from this review, I couldn’t have been more over the moon and delighted to have read One Snowy Week in Springhollow. We was very much in need of a heroine such as Scarlett, as there in no other character like her in the book world. She doesn’t tick the boxes that fit in with the society we live in today and the message inside this book is simply, that’s okay! It’s okay to be different, it’s okay to love what others don’t, it’s okay to wear what you want and most importantly, it’s okay to love who you want to love, especially when it comes down to yourself. The reunion between Scarlett and Devon was infatuating and the romance was to die for. I couldn’t help but geek out at literally every Marvel/DC reference given, yes, I knew them all and getting to experience a little of a New York Comic Con, I was literally in my dream world with this book, it was the most painful goodbye I’ve had to give for a long time! I really hope this isn’t the end for Springhollow, because I would just love love love to catch up on how our loved up couple is doing! Thank you Lucy, for using your own experiences in life, to create such a magical story. I can imagine writing this will have brought up real life moments that aren’t to be relived and that is hard, however, you doing so is inspiring and helping a lot of people, including myself. 

Shelby x

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Lucy Knott is a former professional wrestler with a passion for storytelling. Now, instead of telling her stories in the ring, she’s putting pen to paper, fulfilling another lifelong dream in becoming an Author. Inspired by her Italian Grandparents, when she is not writing you will most likely find her cooking, baking and devouring Italian food, in addition to learning Italian and daydreaming of trips to Italy. Along with her twin sister, Kelly, Lucy runs TheBlossomTwins.com, where she enthusiastically shares her love for books, baking and Italy, with daily posts, reviews and recipes.

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  1. February 8, 2021 / 6:04 am

    I’ve been meaning to comment on here forever Shelby, I’m so sorry it has taken me so long. Thank you so so much for this gorgeous review. It’s hard to put into words just how much it means to me. It honestly bought tears to my eyes. You are incredible and I appreciate all the work you put into this beautiful blog and doing reviews like this. It filled my heart with so much love and joy and whenever I feel down, I just look to it and smile! 🙂 Thank you!!! <3 Lucy xx

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