Beatrice found love at Port Willow – now she’s helping others

Since arriving in the Scottish Highlands village of Port Willow six months ago while nursing a broken heart, Beatrice Halliday has turned her life around.

Now she’s running The Princess and the Pea Inn, madly in love with gorgeous boyfriend Atholl Fergusson, and welcoming visitors from around the globe.

Life couldn’t be sweeter – until a surprise discovery threatens to turn her life upside down. Trying to distract herself, eternal romantic Beatrice sets her sights on rekindling the romance between an empty-nester couple holidaying at the Inn, while also trying to bring together city girl Nina, who’s hiding her pain behind a tough exterior, and Atholl’s handsome, easy-going cousin, Mutt.

But as Beatrice is about to learn, sometimes the magic of Port Willow doesn’t work on everyone…

What a gorgeous trip back to Port Willow – Kiley never disappoints with her stunning descriptions of the Highlands settings once more, with the most wonderful of returning characters and new additions. In the first book of the series, Kiley gently touches upon miscarriage within Beatrice’s story and did so beautifully. In the second book, the topic is touched upon again in another light, in which second chances are given and we witness how difficult it can be to accept another pregnancy after previously miscarrying and how the trauma can never fully allow you to feel excited for the new life that’s about to begin. Kiley has done a brilliant job with covering this, I honestly have never thought about how much a woman would have to adapt to being pregnant again after the loss of a previous child and it really shed a lot of light on how important this is to pay attention to. The start of a new life, whilst exciting for the people around you, can also be a difficult time for the woman, as it is also a reminder of what could have been. So thank you Kiley, for highlighting this extremely important issue throughout. 

I was thrilled to be reunited with Beatrice and Atholl, after seeing their romance blossom the first time round. Beatrice is such a beautiful soul, always on a mission for everybody to feel the love that she now feels with Atholl and she found that within once certain couple who definitely needed some time to rekindle. Beatrice’s story this time was filled with so much happiness and joy, it’s hard to believe what she had previously gone through. I was beaming with excitement over the turn of events for our leading lady and to have the gorgeous Atholl by her side, it was an absolute pleasure to see their stories evolve. Atholl is honestly one of my favourite leading men in a book, with a heart so big, always taking care of others, he is an absolute dream. 

Ruth and Mark are two newcomers to Port Willow, after winning a competition hosted by Beatrice herself. The two have begun to lose touch with one another after their last son had recently flew the nest. The changes had left them not knowing what to do with their lives or how to be and this little trip to the Highlands was most certainly the breathe of fresh air they needed in their lives. There was so much miscommunication between the two of them, that it had really started to weigh their marriage down. Lucky for them, Beatrice was having no more of it and was not seeing them leave the Inn until all feelings were resolved. They were a beautiful couple who were just going through a lot in too little of time, it’s much too easy to fall in to bad routines. Like Beatrice’s miscarriage, Kiley touches upon Ruth’s menopause and handled it incredibly, allowing us to experience the frustrations and emotional rollercoasters alongside her, forcing me to want to reach a hand out for her to hold. I was over the moon with the couple’s ending and would love to see them again one day. 

My favourite story-line of book two has to go to Nina and Mutt. Both extremely out of sorts with the world, looking for greater things and an escape from their pasts. Nina was a lovely character who had so much worth and so much talent within her that was all being used in all the wrong places and on all the wrong people. Her visit to Port Willow did start off on a rocky foot, dismissing all of the wonderful things it had to offer, however, with the help of the handsome Mutt (Murray), her eyes and mind begun to open to endless possibilities of how wonderful the town was. Their friendship was a joy to watch grow, my favourite scenes especially taking place at the ball, as that is where their friendship starting to take a turn for the better. Being the cousin of Atholl, Mutt of course, had the heart of an angel and his past mistakes proved just how big hearted he was, despite the negative outcomes that may have endured. Nina and Mutt were absolutely destined to meet when they did and destined to be together, with their little furry companion, Bear. I would love to see them again one day also and see where their next adventures take them. 

This another great and cosy escapism romance, focused strongly on second chances and a whole lot of love. I can’t wait to see whether or not Kiley has anything more in store for this series, as it is really is a beautiful place to be and everybody who hasn’t yet begun reading these, definitely needs to make a move on changing that!

Shelby x


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