Have you ever felt that life has got it in for you? Jinnie Cooper certainly does.

Unlucky in love, broke and exiled to a sleepy Scottish village, she really needs to shake things up.
When she gains possession of a battered old lamp, Jinnie’s world changes in ways she could never have imagined. With her affections divided between two men, can her unlikely housemate help – or hinder – the path to happiness?

As soon as I had read the blurb for A Wish For Jinnie, I knew I had to have a copy of this book and after reading Audrey’s previous book, The Haunting of Hattie Hastings, I was excited to see what this quirky story-line had to offer, with of course, her wonderful British humour throughout. Soon enough I was flying through the story, falling in love with the characters with every word, wanting only the best for them all.

The characters in this book are most certainly some of the best I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. From Jinnie’s fiesty Grandmother, Jinnie’s work colleagues at the Jekyll and Hyde pub, all the way to the two dashing love interests Jinnie has to work beside, despite her determination to stay away from love, after recently having her heart crushed by a man she believed would be her forever. Both men had very loveable personalities and I felt for Jinnie being put in a situation where she could possibly fall for both, however, I knew from the start who I wanted her to be with and I was over the moon with the end results. 

Another story-line that really tugged at my heart strings was that of Ken, Ken’s wife and Jo. It really does make you think about what you would do in that situation and let’s put it this way – I hope I never find myself in that situation. That being said though… through sickness and through health, Ken! Jo was absolutely one of my favourite characters to follow throughout this book. She really took Jinnie under her wing from the beginning and another lovely lady that deserved the world, so to find out at the end what she had in store for her, definitely made me giggle!

I can’t finish this review up without talking about the two people that made this book possible – Jinny and her new Genie friend, Dhassim. The two of them were absolutely hilarious together and I couldn’t stop giggling at Dhassim’s new found love for all things Spice Girls and Jennifer Aniston. While no truly big wishes were asked of Jinnie, each wish brought something wonderful, whether that was for herself or for someone around her. I grew extremely fond of Dhassim, so it was sad to see his duties had come to an end, but what matters the most, is that his looney self is ready to move on to grant wishes for another wonderful person! 

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Shelby x


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