I’ve never been one to like or buy physical cards unless they are really necessary and still, that depends on if I even remember to get them. Working 9 – 5 shifts every day 5 days a week, with only weekends to myself, it is so hard to even get in to a shop to purchase one. 

So, when Paperless Post got in touch with me a few weeks ago to work with them, I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately jumped at the chance to play around with what their services had to offer. With #Blogmas being in full swing and having had so many amazing authors get involved with their author interviews and giveaways, I thought this collaboration was the perfect opportunity for me say a big thank you for supporting me and taking time out of their days to make my #bookmas idea work as swimmingly and perfectly as it has. 

To start off with, I found the stunning template below, as my design and after that, I had free control to write what I pleased on it, what font I wanted to use and how I wanted it laid out. I went for this gorgeous golden theme, making the card classy and elegant. The golden snowflake on the top, really gives it that perfect christmassy design and I was really able to showcase my personality through this card. 


After, the card had been designed and I was happy with it, it was then on to designing the envelope. There are so beautiful colours to choose from for your envelope, however, I went for the shiny rose gold, as it fit my colour scheme perfectly and has that simple, yet elegant effect to it. 

You can even design the inside of your envelope, with these beautiful backgrounds. I chose to go for the silver and gold confetti background, as it’s cheerful and celebratory, and most importantly, brings that Christmas spirit to the design once again. 

Now to design the front of the envelope with a stamp suitable to the theme of my card. Again, there was so many stamp designs to choose from and it was a real struggle finding the prettiest one of them all! I decided to go with the golden/pink wine glasses, as it couldn’t have complimented my design any better! Plus, Christmas is the time for celebrations and lots of wine!

Paperless Post even allow you to add a postmark to your envelope, in which you can use one that says ‘Paperless Post‘, as mine does, or you can let the person know where the card has come from and use one that has your country/place on it – it’s really clever!

And, viola! Your card and envelope design is done and ready to be sent off!  Sending your designs off are so extremely easy and only take a few minutes of your day. It’s as simple as inputting your name, your email subject and then added each recipient to your address book – by just inputting their first name and email address to the system. When that is all done, you’re good to go. Just click the ‘send now‘ button!

Incredible, right? Everybody who I have sent a digital card to has been so pleased about it and I personally believe, that these really are the most personal way of spreading the love and contacting people. You can design these individually for people or for a bunch, there are no limits! Not only can you design cards, but you can design a range of things, such as; birthday cards, wedding cards, engagement party invites, thank you cards, baby shower invites, graduation party invites, and so much more! If you aren’t a physical card person like myself, then this digital website couldn’t be more perfect of a match. I will definitely be using it for every event from now on and have even downloaded the app on to my phone, so I have access wherever I go. All you need to is create an account, buy your coins and you are good to get on with designing!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Shelby x


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